Saturday, January 12, 2013

Youtube Link Overload

Jon Schmidt is the most amazing pianist I have ever seen.

Being that we live in an age where "pianists" aren't the coolest to most people, he actually makes playing the piano cool.

Have you ever seen someone play the piano upside down?

Jon Schmidt can.

Have you ever seen someone play the piano with their toes (check out 2:50 on the video)?

Jon Schmidt can.

How about their nose (check out 2:58 on the video)?

Or elbows?

Jon Schmidt can.

I challenge you to go to youtube and search for him.  Watch one of his videos and your life will forever change.

He is awesome.

So awesome.

So, when I found out about The Piano Guys and saw that Jon Schmidt was part of the mix I was so excited.

Then I saw that the cellist was Steven Sharp Nelson.

Hello, have you ever heard their Love Story Meets Viva la Vida?  (click it, I dare you)

Anyway, long story short these guys are awesome.

Just watch this video.



Sara Dawson said...

Have you heard his Pachelbel meets U2? It's Canon in D mixed in with U2 - but it's got the most beautiful ending fusing Canon with With or Without You. Gives me chills! :)

Ashley said...

I will now teach my boys to do this.

Ashley said...

Just need a few more of them :-)

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

agreed. awesome :)

Kari said...

Love the Piano Boys!!

Kari said...

Ha! Meant Guys!! Lol

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