Saturday, January 26, 2013

Emma Monthly Letter: 52 Months

...Just laying around at Target...

1584 days.

52 months.

In your 52nd month of life, you decided your hair was finally long.

You bounced down the hall with your hand behind your back.

"Look, Daddy.  I can touch my hair now.  It is so long."

Your Daddy flashed you a quick smile and told you it was beautiful.

"Like a princess," you sang.

Yep, just like a princess, Bug.

You've had a little extra pep in your step due to the fact that your hair is finally long.

Maybe a little too much pep.

You are a clumsy child.  If someone is going to get hurt, it is going to be you.

If someone is going to wake up with a bruise on their head and not know what happened, it is you.  (That happened this morning.)

This morning the deck was iced over.  You and Big thought it was cool and ran to get your boots.

You had on Bella Ella (your horse night gown), snow boots and a coat.

Nothing on your legs.

Before I could say anything you were out the door.

Seconds after you ran out, I heard a THUD and there you were.  Laid out on the sheet of ice on the deck.

You came back in, cried for a moment and moved on.

You have always been strong.  Always been a fighter.  The sweet, sensitize child that carries her own.  The protector, giver, caretaker.

But you've always been clumsy.

Clumsy Bug with long hair now.

Love always,


PS- This is your first picture you drew of our family.  You also added a flower and a butterfly.  The butterfly even has a little dotted line trail behind it.  Precious.

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