Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Mexicos.

Me: "Bug, what a great picture!  I love that igloo you made."

Bug:  "Thanks."

Me: "Did you learn about igloos today?"

Bug: "Yes."

It is like pulling teeth getting information out of a 4 year old.

Me: "What do you know about them now?"

Bug: "They are made of ice where it is cold.  We, like, live in the middle, kinda at the bottom.  The Mexicos live up at the top near Santa Claus."

Me: "The what?"

Bug: "The Mexicos."

Me: "Oh, but Mexico is at the bottom (of the map)."

Bug: "Ugh!  See, I colored a picture of one.  They live in igloos... at the top (of the map)."

Me: "Oh, you mean eskimos."

Bug: "No.  I mean Mexicos."

She was done with that conversation.