Friday, January 11, 2013

Fashion with Bug {13:2}

This is also one of Bug's favorite outfits.
She normally wears a skirt AND leggings with it but she didn't mention the skirt yesterday morning and I didn't bring it up.  Ha!
Shoes: Uggs
She insisted that I curl her hair.  She also requested her purple sparkle jacket and pink & purple bow.
This kid loves animals.  She loves dogs, cats, goats, pigs... you name it, she loves it.
There is a black and white dog that has been roaming the neighborhood during the day.  While we were taking pictures yesterday morning, she came to visit Bug.
It made Bug's whole morning!

She is not trying to bite Bug's face off.  She loves Bug so much she tries to lick and kiss her over and over again.  Gross, I know.
The dog is not very fond of me because I am constantly yelling at it to get off Bug.

 Bug wouldn't come inside to get her backpack and snack.
She HAD to stay outside with black and white dog.
Then she let black and white dog get in my car.
Gross, I know.
I yelled.
Black and white dog hopped out.
We sanitized hands, faces, etc.
We were off to school.
Don't you worry though.  Black and white dog came back for an afternoon visit.
That Bug makes me smile. 

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Katie said...

she is so cute!!