Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Christmas Eve is over.

Christmas is over.

The trees were down the day after Christmas.

Boxes were taken to the trash dump.

Brown family Christmas in Harkers Island is over.

We have eaten.

And eaten.

And eaten.

The number on the scale is scary.

New Years Eve is over.

We ate... a lot.

New Years Day is over.

School started back today.  As much as I was ready for it, I dreaded it.

I thought preschool started Monday... it didn't.  It started today.  Emma wasn't there.

January 2nd is almost over.

I will upload pictures eventually.

I will share Christmas stories soon.

But tonight, it is over.

The day is done.

I am laying on the couch, watching DVRed shows and movies.

I am also reading The Diary of Anne Frank.

Goodnight world.

See you with my still-full-belly tomorrow.

(Did I mention how much we have eaten in the last week?)

I hope you all had an awesome and FULL Christmas and New Year.

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