Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Dear Disney on Ice people,

Saturday we went to your show. It was awesome. Caroline and her friends loved it. She dressed up in her Cinderella costume and was adorable.

{If you make the picture larger, you can see Britney's gum.}

She was so excited about seeing all of the princesses. This is where we have a little problem. You had all of the princesses. Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, Tinkerbelle, Tiana {the new princess}, Belle, Alice. We even saw Lilo and Mulan. I don't really consider these people princesses but whatev. Who did you NOT include in the show? Aurora... aka Sleeping Beauty. I mean, WTH? Do you know how awesome it was to have to explain why Sleeping Beauty wasn't there? It sucked actually. During the Valentine's day portion of your show, my kid didn't enjoy the last half of it because she was so concerned about Sleeping Freakin' Beauty.

Just tell me this, how do you remember to include someone like Mulan in your Disney on Ice show but totally forget to include Sleeping Beauty?

You might want to reconsider your princess choices. Caroline and all of the other little girls would greatly appreciate it.

Also, the fact that I spent $15 on a snow cone and $22 on a spinning toy was not ideal either. We are in a recession, people! My friend bought a 20 oz. Diet Pepsi. Guess how much she paid for that bad boy? FOUR DOLLARS and some change. I would rather you charge more for your tickets and less for your concession items. Just something to think about. I mean really... I can buy three 2-liter Diet Pepsi's for what Arrin paid for her 20 oz.

Anyway, other than that we had an awesome time.

Two hours, one intermission, $37, and one blue mouth later... it was totally worth it.

Concerned Mom

PS- How smart was this guy {pictured below}? However, I'm betting he paid at least $7 for that one beer. I'm.just.sayin.


Anonymous said...

I never thought about it until now (probably because I have a boy) but you're right, Sleeping Beauty was nowhere to be found. Perhaps she was... sleeping. Whatever the reason, poor Caroline was let down. DOI people, please do re-consider your princess characters.

PS-- Totally lovin' C's blue mouth!!!!

Jamie said...

I love that Caroline went in her Cinderella costume! I can't believe they left out Sleeping Beauty?!?!? And those prices! WOW!

Lindsey said...

I bet she just forgot to wake up for the show...

Glad your daughter had such a fun time though and it looked like a lot of fun. I can't wait till my kiddo gets a bit older and I can take her :)

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Maybe even more for that beer! I cannot believe how much they can charge for things at these events! We went to our county fair and I bought a margarita, not knowing the price....$18! It wasn't even a jumbo one like they sell in Vegas.

But, come on, that picture, with the blue worth the 15 bucks! Not having Sleeping Beauty there? Ridiculous!

Jess said...

WTH indeed! Aurora has *always* been my favorite princess—she is so beautiful! I sympathize with Caroline.

Aside from the ridiculously overpriced food and the missing princess, sounds like such a fun event!!