Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday Randoms.

1- I still don't have my Christmas decorations up. What can I say? I'm on top of things like that.

2- No, I have not started Christmas shopping either.

3- I did help my Nana put the lights on her tree. That counts for something, right?

4- I don't know how much longer the "Santa scare tactic" is going to work on Caroline.

5- She had multiple meltdowns today. She pushed her friend down at school, she ran away from me and hit me all within a 2 minute period of time. Let's just say, today was not her day.

6- I just watched Four Christmases. {It actually took me all day to watch it.} It was a great movie. I highly recommend it.

7- I have taken no pictures this week.

8- I have an idea of an excellent Christmas gift for Ryan. {Sara Bersticker, I might need your help with this one.}

9- I am hopefully getting some new glasses tomorrow. Mine are broken. I can't see anything. I drove to dinner the other night and Ryan almost grabbed the wheel 4 times. He stresses when I drive. Heck, I stress when I drive. I have got to get new glasses like ASAP!

10- I had a lunch date with my sister Saturday. We also had Starbucks {Caramel Brulee latte}, did a little shopping at TJ Maxx and had pedicures. The pedicures were fabulous. I decided on OPI Got the Blues for Red. It is my favorite red polish. {You already know that Russian Navy is my all-time favorite polish though}

11- Ashlee Simpson on Melrose Place is just painful to watch. Maybe tonight is her last episode.

12- Who is excited about The Hills?????

13- This is the most boring post I have ever written. I hope you enjoyed it.


Sara said...

Let me know what you need Mrs. Lafone :) Do you have my cell?

P.S. I'll be home from December 23rd - January 1st. We're getting together, for sure.

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

I enjoyed it. I thought I was the only one who watched The Hills? It is my total guilty pleasure!

Jamie said...

I liked the post! I am the worst gift giver! I can't wait to use the Santa scare haha

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

No blog post is ever boring, you don't give yourself enough credit!

My decorations are up... but my tree isn't. I'm nervous to put it up with a one year old!!!! How do you plan to navigate that?


Krystyn said...

No decorations here, yet, either...and I'm out of town this weekend, so no ideas when they will get done!