Friday, December 4, 2009

It is not always rainbows and sunshine.

"Why can't I ever find what I am looking for?"

"Because you have too many clothes. I mean really, Ryan, you still have a shirt that you wore in the 9th grade. That is ridiculous."

The fight continued. It turned into me "not washing clothes, not being organized, blahblahblah."

"Like, where are my blue pants I just bought?" he asked.

"I don't know."

He rolls his eyes.

"I remember washing them. They are in this room somewhere. Maybe if you didn't throw all of your clothes on the floor as you search for one item, you would be able to find them," I said.

"Well, where are they?"

The fight continued... and continued... and continued.

I still could not find the freaking pants.

"I think you sit around and try to think of things that you "can't find". Like "where is that blue long sleeve shirt?" Do you know how many blue long-sleeved shirts you have? A million. I am just going to throw all of your clothes away. You wear 5 of the 467 shirts that you have. You wear 2 pairs of the 78 pairs of jeans you have. I am done. I am over all of your clothes."

"Well, where are the blue pants?"

I really was done. I did want any normal, angry wife would do. I said, "I ate them."

30 minutes later, we are no longer speaking. I go downstairs to fold a load of clothes. I open the dryer. The blue pants were there.

Enter rainbows and sunshine. My life was good again.

Are any of your husbands nutjobs that keep clothes that they don't wear? Lord forbid you box any of them up and make room for other stuff. It is driving me nuts.


Risley and Dylan said...

lol! I can totally relate!!
UGH! men..

Megan said...

Lee is the EXACT same way. He never wants to get rid of anything, but he only wears about 1/10 of what's in the closet. We sell our clothes at Second Fling in Gboro and I have to beg and plead for him to get rid of stuff. It always turns into an argument of "you always want to sell all of my clothes" but then he doesn't complain when we get one of those $200 checks in.

DramaCity said...

I have been married almost 13 years and decided a long time ago that if he didn't where it in two was gone...if he asked, I said "probably on a homeless man" and he eventually figured out that if he wanted it clean it went in the laundry basket....Thank you Lord!

Amy said...

my husband has 2 big boxes in his closet of clothes that are packed up b/c he never wore them/cant fit them/ i wont be seen with him in. one entire box is labeled 'pimp clothes' or something silly like that b/c its all the shirts he wore when he was a bachelor, they are hideous to me but they're like expensive Chinese silk like shirts. at least they're not in the way though

Krystyn said...

Mr. Serious doesn't really do anything with clothes. He doesn't buy new ones, he doesn't throw out old ones.