Thursday, December 17, 2009

How the Mama got her babe to wear piggy tails at Chirstmas.

She turned around fast and she heard someone say hey.
Lil' Emma Rae,
Who really liked to play.

She stared at the Mama and said, "Mommy, why? Why are you putting my hair in piggy tails? Why?"

But do you know, that ole' Mama was so smart and so slick, that she thought up a fib and she thought it up quick.

"Why my sweet little tot..."

The silly Mama said...

"...all princesses wear a piggy tail. And you my sweet dear, really do, wear them so well."


Diana said...

Emma looks so sweet in her little piggy tails! If I ever have a little girl, I already feel bad for her, because I will have no clue how to fix her hair!

Krystyn said...

Oh, she just looks so sweet. Natalie couldn't have pig tails no matter what!

Jamie said...

I love it!