Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ice cream is better anyway.

Visiting Santa was a big ordeal.

Part of me knew they wouldn't sit in his lap.

At least they could ride the train though, right?

Well, actually, not right.

Emma was too young. The sign said AGES 3-12. NO EXCEPTIONS.


At least Caroline could ride, right?

Well, actually, not really.

It took 4.3 minutes of talking to get her on the train. She would have much rather gone to the doctor and gotten a shot than ride that train.

I had to promise to walk beside her.

However, the train was just too fast. I couldn't keep up. She lived. She loved it. It was over.

Lord forbid we ask the nuggets to talk to Santa. They might have gone nuts on us.

Instead, we went and ate ice cream.

Which got me thinking. Why do we even ask/push our children to go see and sit on Santa's lap?

You know, if you think about it the whole tradition is a bit morbid and weird.

"Hey, if you want presents you have to go see on a big, fat, smelly old man's lap."

What? Who came up with that?

Caroline and Bug, Santa will come see you regardless. You don't have to sit on Santa's lap. I will never make you do it if you don't want to.

I'd much rather just go out for ice cream anyway.

The pictures were terrible... all two of them.

Don't you worry. Britney had her gum in her mouth that day.


Lindsey said...

Santa was horrible for us too. Ice Cream would have been a great ending for us...damn too bad I didn't think of that last weekend!

Jamie said...

You kill me calling caroline, britney! Ha! I know it is crazy especially if it is a stranger (which I think is always the case)!

Anonymous said...

You are right. Santa is smelly and it is a very weird tradition. Ice cream beats that any day. Actually ice cream always wins compared to anything else. Always.

Midwest Mommy said...

I'm kinda not into going and seeing Santa. The mall santas kinda take away from the magic of Christmas. Nothing screams not believing like a man with a bad wig and fake beard.

Krystyn said...

We have only gone to "authentic" looking Santas, if that makes any sense. And, we've never done a mall one, either. Just little places here and there. But usually, I get a picture and go. I try not to be too mean. Heck, Natalie cries when I hand her over to anybody.

But, I'd rather have ice cream, too!