Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He-Man Woman Haters Plague.

Sickness known as the "He-Man Woman Haters Plague" struck my house.

You know about Caroline's pink eye.

You know about Emma's pink eye.

You know about Caroline's double ear infections.

You don't know about Emma's double ear infections {Dr. told us Monday}.

You also don't know that the damn He-Man Woman Haters Plague got me. It all began with pink eye on Sunday morning.

My fabulous BIL was called. He saved my eyeball by calling in some drops.

Off to Target I went with my sister in tow. I went straight to the pharmacy and paid one big fat dollar for my medicine. I ran to the condom aisle {I mean seriously how many people have you ever seen on this aisle? My thoughts exactly} and ripped open the bag. Good thing I read the directions before putting the drops in my eye.

"How many drops does it say to use, Anna?" as I drop one... two... "I don't know. Just do three. You take everything in threes." I didn't question. I finished my third drop and moved to eye number two.

"Upp. Only one drop per eye." Anna quietly says. Fabulous. Now, I have pink eye AND I'm going to go blind from too much medicine.

I finished my shopping trip with my sunglasses on. I would have felt super PIMP {like my friend, Mira who is now rockin' the mini van} if I wasn't covering up an eye that was oozing green shit.

The worse of the He-Man Woman Haters Plague was yet to come and I didn't even now it.

I woke up Monday morning bright and early for Emma's surgery to open her tear duct. This is a whole other post in itself. To make that long story short, Emma did not have the surgery and her doctor was kind enough to diagnose me with cellulitis and bless with a sweet little prescription for cephalexin.

I also felt like I had a terrible sinus infection. Scratch that. I am pretty sure I had a terrible sinus infection. I slept most of Monday. I felt well enough yesterday to take Caroline to a pottery class with friends. Today I helped a friend roll over 100 green bean bundles.

I would like to say that I kicked the He-Man Woman Haters Plague however, that would be a lie. It totally kicked my ass.


Lindsey said...

Oh man! Glad to hear that you are starting to feel much better. It might have kicked your ass but you sucker punched it right back!
I might sounds like a retard...but I am curious. What is cellulitis?

Krystyn said...

Oh, that seriously sucks. I sure hope you are getting better today.

Anonymous said...

I had cellulitis once and it sucked. I also have cellulitis... LOTS of it on my butt and thighs. That sucks too. Feel better!!!

Dana said...

I am glad you are feeling better! We had a great time yesturday, we must do it again very soon. Lexi said she wants to do it everyday!!!

Diana said...

Aww. You have really been through it lately! Glad you are on the mends!

Jamie said...

As I am stuck on the recliner at 923 on new years eve rocking my sick sleeping baby with no tv or lights on I was so glad to go to your blog and read this entertaining segment. I was feeling sorry for myself but boy have you three had a time lately!! I hope you all get better soon!! Please excuse the grammatical errors. I am on my phone(thank goodness that was in reach) now I am off to play my 14689546 game of hangman with one hand !happy new year :)