Tuesday, October 23, 2012

White Tee

Read the title and I am sure you are rapping like it is nobody's business!

Iron Man has a limited wardrobe during the week.

Brown shirt.  Check!

Brown shorts/pants.  Check!

Black socks.  Check!

Black shoes.  Check!

I guess he tries to spice things up a bit with a white tee underneath.

Which leads me to this blog post.

I was full of cuss words this morning.

"Where's a white t-shirt for me?"

"Excuse me?"

It is 7:30 and I have done more in an hour than most people do all day and you are going to ask me about a white t-shirt when I know for a fact you have a closet FULL of white tees?

"A. White. Tee. Shirt."

Ok, I'm not slow.

"You have a closet FULL of white tees."

"What?  You haven't washed clothes?  Of course you haven't."

"There are clothes in the washer now AND I just ironed your uniform, Iron Man.  Back up.  It's only 7:30am."

I walked into the closet.  Sure enough there was a stack of white tees.

Most of them the same brand.  All the same size.  Not good enough for Iron Man.  He wanted one of the two white tees that were in the washer.

He has major issues sometimes.  A white tee is a white tee is a white tee.

I cussed.

I threw clothes.

Then I rapped.

Yup, in my white tee.

My life is so exciting.

Happy Tuesday!


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