Saturday, October 27, 2012

A conversation to remember forever

A few night ago, we were driving.

It was just me and Bug.  We were headed home from dinner with Daddy.  Caroline was at GAs.

Sometimes this kid says the cutest things.

Bug: "Mommy!  I saw a shooting star!"

Me:  "Oh wow!  Really?"

Bug:  "Where do shooting stars come from?"

Me: "I'm not sure.  Where do you think they come from?"

Bug:  "Well, first you catch a star.  Then you put it in a gun and you shoot it back to the sky.  Then it is a shooting star."

Me:  "That is pretty neat!"

Bug:  "Yep.  But you have to shoot it from the front yard.  That is where you can see the stars the best.  The front yard."


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