Saturday, October 20, 2012


I love candy.

Therefore, Halloween is my second favorite holiday (Christmas being my first).

Halloween means one thing... candy pumpkins.

Candy pumpkins are as wikipedia describes, "candy pumpkin is a small, pumpkin-shaped, mellowcreme confection primarily made from corn syrup, honey, wax, and sugar. Traditionally colored with an orange base and topped with a green stem to make candy pumpkins largely identifiable with Halloween, a candy pumpkin is considered a mellow creme by confectioners since the candy has a marshmallow flavor.  Sometimes called candy corn's first cousin, candy pumpkins are made through a starch casting process similar to that for candy corn."

Candy corns first cousin?

Does this make candy corn better than pumpkins or pumpkins better than candy corn.

The other day I ate so many pumpkins, I almost vomited.

This debacle led me to the debate, which is better... candy corn OR pumpkins OR do they taste the same to you?

Enlighten me.

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** Look at this super cutie bracelet made with candy pumpkins.  Love it!!

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