Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear multiple photo editing programs I use,
Isn't there a way to interconnect all of you.  My brian hurts and I need to finish these photos.



Dear Dave Matthews,
I think we were married in a previous life.  We are connected.  Your new CD is awesome.  Thank you.  This is the best CD since you released Busted Stuff in 2002.  I've missed you.

Hailey Lafone-Matthews


Dear Bug,
If I walk out of the room, I am not leaving you forever.  You do not have to follow me around all day, everyday whimpering like a puppy scared that I am going to leave.  I have never left you without you knowing.  Oh, and I always come back.  "But what if you leave FOREVER!??"  You are freaking me out kid.  My nerves can't handle it.

Your Mama who is going nowhere


Dear bed,
I am washing your sheets right now.  I cannot wait to climb into you tonight.  I plan on sleeping like a baby.

Sleep-deprived Mom


Dear man in the yellow Camaro,
I understand you love your car.  You do NOT have to drive 20 mph.  I was in a rush to get my child to school this morning and of course, I got behind you.  Also, that dual exhaust is killer.  What a waste of money.  It is loud.  It smelled like burning rubber band.  Not.cute.  Now move, I'M LATEEEE!

Buzz kill Mom of a late 1st grader


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Shay said...

My kid is the same way right now- I cannot leave the room without him freaking out! Heres to hoping this stage ends quickly!