Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playing catch up with a list of randoms

1. At least this Eastern North Caroline weather has done one thing for us... Taught us how to breathe with a blanket over our face.  The humidity was ridiculous today.

2.  We went to stay with my BIL and SIL a few weeks ago.  We attended the Lafone family reunion in the hills of Hickory, NC. I was falsely identified as a cousin's girlfriend.  Everyone got a good chuckle.  We had an awesome time.

3.  We also rode the boat on Lake Norman. I sang this song in my head the entire time.

We stopped at Vinnie's on the lake and had a fabulous lunch.

The we rode some and the kids swam.  A good time was had by all.

4.  Bug turned 4 last Wednesday, tear.  4.  That is such a big girl age.  It is not like geting older makes mothering any easier though. The older they get, the bigger they get.  They become forces to be reckoned with that you can't hold down anymore.

We celebrated her birthday for almost a week.  We ate pizza for almost every meal.

She got everything she wanted:
- a pink chandelier
- new Jessie doll (she left her other Jessie in the scooter and it rained.  Jessie has mildew all over her now)
- a real Bullseye
- bows
- dresses
- Doc Mcstuffins talking doll

- monogrammed leotards for dance
- a dance bag
- charm bracelet

5.  Our week nights are completely filled.  We have activities every night of the week except Tuesday and Friday.  I am waiting for something to pop up on Tuesdays.  It is nice to stay busy but I already need a break.

Our normal weeknight schedule:
Monday- Caroline Tennis Lessons
Tuesday- Open
Wednesday- Caroline Gymnastics then she has to go straight to GAs
Thursday- Emma Dance Lessons, Dinner with the Lafone's (it is our ritual and we love it)
Friday- Open

Shew.  I know it is only going to get more crazy when they get older.

6.  Excuse my not blogging.  Getting into the swing of the new school year and activities has been challenging.  I think I have got it figured out now.

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Ashley said...

A pink chandelier?! That's what I'm asking for my next birthday!!