Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday Randoms on Tuesday

1. I did 30 minutes of pilates last Thursday. I am now reminded why I hate to exercise. 5 days later, my ribs still hurt.

2. Olive Garden can kiss my right butt cheek. We went at 5pm to the new Olive Garden in Morehead. We had to wait 30 minutes. When we finally sat down, I was so excited about trying the Lasagna Fritta as my meal. Parmesan-breaded lasagna pieces, fried and served over alfredo sauce, topped with parmesan cheese and marinara sauce.

Yes, it is an appetizer but that is what I wanted and I wanted it as my entrée. Well, guess what people? The waitress said I couldn't have a bowl because I technically wasn't suppose to get salad since I didn't order an entrée. Excuse me? She said if I wanted salad that I would have to use my bread plate. She also added that she would get in a lot of trouble if she gave me a bowl. Who would have ever known? Now that I am eating salad off of my little bread plate, EVERYONE knows that I'm not suppose to have salad. It's ok though. We ate one salad and we got another, boxed it up and took it home. Take that Olive Garden!

PS- Do you know how Olive Garden is making money? By charging $10.50 for a bowl of regular spaghetti with meat sauce. Ridiculous. I have the same recipe that I found online. I can make a whole pot for less than that!

3. My children are going to be the death of me. I am really frustrated right now. I don't even want to talk about it. Just know that I've cried a lot lately. My children just will not listen. This too shall pass and better days are ahead.... hopefully. At least I have a little hope with preschool starting next week.

4. I found a pair of hot pink Sanita's (size 26) for $35. Too bad Caroline needs at least a 27. If you have a girl that wears a 26, leave your contact info and I will send you the link to the shoes. (I'm too lazy to look it up right now.)

5. My children are in the bathroom fighting. I am ignoring both of their cries.

6. I really need to dye my hair before Bunco Thursday night.

7. I had the most fabulous girls night last Thursday night. I met Carrie for dinner at Chef and The Farmer. OMG! Delicious! One La Torta, goat cheese appetizer, braised pork shoulder lasagna yumminess, 10-layer chocolate cake and a trio of sorbet... I was stuffed. We shared the appetizer and desserts. Carrie had blueberry chicken with corn fritters and some other yumminess. It was a fun time. 2 hours of girl/adult conversation and great food. I'm lucky to have such great friends.

8. Speaking of food, my new favorite lunch? A King's Hawaiian sweet roll slathered with Mrs. Kinser's Pimento Cheese (with pepper jack) and stuffed with Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh cracked black pepper shaved turkey breast. Yumminess on a plate.

9. I did Bug's birthday invitation shots this weekend. Here is a sneak peek...

Yes, ruffles and converse. Precious!

10. Until tomorrow... peace out.


Anonymous said...

I had a ball at GNO! Love you, Hails. PS- How can you remember ALL that we ate? Seriously... all I remember is the 10 layer chocolate cake. I cannot wait to see Bug's invitations. She is to-die-for-cuteness. OMG, I have had a lot of those moments. Right when we get over one hurdle, there's another. Parents who think your children are perfect, kiss.it.liars.

Krystyn said...

Stuff like the salad just make me want to stick it to them...that's just craziness!

Glad you took some extra home!

And, the fighting..yeah, I ignore that, too. They have to learn to play together, right?

And, that shot? Loving it....let me know when you come here and you can take my girls' pics? Please? PS October birthdays...just saying.

Ellen said...

Julie can wear a 26....need the website!

Emily said...

such a cute sneak of her invite:) so presh