Friday, August 27, 2010

Cribs and beds

When I was pregnant with Caroline, very few moments stick out in my head. I remember crazy things that happened to me like when my arm went numb for weeks or when I peed in my pants for the first time.

Pregnancy was not my thing. I hated it.

The one part of pregnancy I liked (other than feeling the baby move) was picking out crib bedding.

I found Caroline's bedding at Pottery Barn Kids and had to have it as soon as I saw it. It was perfect. Well I should say, it is perfect. It was passed down to Emma. I saw no need in buying new bedding when I loved Caroline's so much.

Kasey Nursery Bedding- PBK
Bright Butterfly Mobile PBK
White Box-Pleated Crib Skirt- PBK (similar to the one linked but no longer available at PBK)
Green Gingham Crib Sheet- PBK
Pink and White Polka Dot Sheet- TJ Maxx $6

Now, on to my dilemma.

Emma is still in her crib.

I am debating on putting her in a toddler bed.

Ryan is dead set against it. He says we should keep her in her crib for as long as possible.

I just feel like, with her turning two, that she is getting to big for her crib. She is not climbing out of it or endangering herself by trying to climb out. It is just me, thinking she needs to be in a bed.

I never transitioned Caroline from crib to bed because Caroline was never in her crib to begin with.

So, should I move Emma to a toddler bed?

How old is too old for a crib?

The only downfall to moving to a toddler bed... no more pretty bumper. :-( I'll have to pass it down to someone else.


Jamie said...

ughh wish I had some advice but I think that's for an experienced mommy! Good Luck!

Neila said...

My boys have the same bumper, but in blue of course!
Leave that girl in her crib until she climbs out! I moved Andrew out when he was about 2.5 and he went straight to the big boy bed.
Good luck!

Krystyn said...

What cute bedding.

It's funny..we are the opposite. Hubby wants to move Nat and I don't. We moved Iz at 20 months and it was too early, I think, but we also needed the crib!

So, I'm thinking we are going to wait a little with her. She's safe in it, and she can't or at least doesn't get out!

Anonymous said...

What did I tell you last night? Leave her in her crib as long as you can, woman! Ryan is right on this one!!

Ellen said...

I've always had to move my kids to a big kid bed before the age of two because I keep having kids very close in age. However, if I had the option, I would leave them in a crib until they were climbing in and out by themselves.

The Harrison's said...

I think you should leave her in that crib as long as she'll sleep in it! We attempted to transition Garrett out of his crib and into a "big boy" bed during my pregnancy with Alaina. He just wasn't ready. The child loves sleeping in his crib and, to be honest, I love it too. I have a good friend who let me borrow a crib so I could have one for each child. We plan to let him sleep in that crib for as long as he wants. I'm in no hurry to give him all that freedom!

The Harrison's said...
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Joycious said...

Hey Hailey,
As you know I read your blog all the time; you keep me in stitches. I thought I'd comment on this one, since I've been there with four kids. I agree with your friends - LEAVE HER IN THE CRIB. Most of my kids were ready to move out about the age of 3. If she starts trying to crawl out, then make the move, but until then, let her happily sleep away in her crib, where she is safe and you know exactly where she is. Sounds like you have your hands full with Caroline anyway-LOL. She'll grow up fast enough.

Joycious said...

Oh the Joycious is Meredith's mom. Sorry.

Kari said...

I agree! She will let you know when she is ready! It is just the opposite in our house..Jackie is trying to push to get Audrey out of her crib..and the child is only 18 months! She has no interest in it, and neither do I!! haha But, that is just my opinion!

Kari said...

Oh and when you ever do transition her out.. I would LOVE your handy-me downs! hehehehe. No seriously, though.