Thursday, August 12, 2010

Click away!

If you know me, you know that I have a love of expensive jeans.

I might look like a dog with a stained t-shirt, rainbows and a pony tail on top of my head but I will have on my William Rast jeans.

Once you buy them you will understand. Ryan didn't get it until I dropped almost $200 (before children) to buy him a pair of Seven of All Mankind jeans.

He loved them. He still does, he has just grown since we got married. ;-)

Anyway, I am about to tell you a little secret. Are you ready??

The last William Rast jeans I got were only $70!

How, you ask??

Haute Look.

There is a widget on my right sidebar. Click it. It will take you to an item and you will see a "BUY NOW" button. Click it. Register with HauteLook and receive updates on items that will be on sale. And by sale... I mean HUGE SAVINGS!

The jeans I got were $220 and my awesome Mama only paid $70!

Sign up!

You will not be disappointed. You don't even have to buy. Just wait for the right deal to come along. You just have to sign up so that you will know what sales are coming.

Happy shopping ladies and pay yourself a pair of expensive jeans... be sure to send me a thank you later. ;-)

*** I will get $3 per registration. You just have to use the widget on my blog to register for me to get credit. I would still recommend HauteLook even if I weren't getting anything. In fact... I think I have! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Done. Can't wait to get some deals!

Neila said...

Am I nuts, I don't see said widget. I love me some good jeans. My present to myself, when I lose the rest of the baby weight! Major incentive for fall!

Hope said...

Also, is a website with the same thing....if you are looking for a deal of the day website with appliances or random things....not ever clothes then visit

Hope said...

left one out for clothes, shoes, and handbags