Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Knock on the door.

My children are obviously allergic to clothing because as soon as we come in the house... they are down to just their big girl pants.

Well, the other day we were busy getting dressed to leave. Getting three people AND yourself dressed is a job.

Anyway, I heard Ryan yell... "GET BACK IN THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW! YOU DON'T HAVE ANY CLOTHES ON!" Bug had run outside butt naked.

I didn't think anything of it. It is totally normal to streak in the Lafone household.

Next thing you know, there is a knock on the door.

I open it to a family friend laughing. "Umm, yes mam... have you seen any little girls running around out here naked?"

Dear sweet baby Jesus. I wonder who else has seen my child run outside butt naked.

All we could do was laugh about it and Ryan bounced down the stairs to add, "That's pretty ain't it?"

I walked to the car to talk to our friend's wife. She rolled down the window, "We turned around because we were going to try to get a picture for you to put on your blog."

People in these parts know me all too well. They obviously know my kids all too well know too... especially Bug and her naked butt.


Anonymous said...

Tanner and Bug would get along great. He does the same thing except when he goes outside, he goes and ahead and pees while he's at it. These kids are something else!!

Jamie said...


Midwest Mommy said...

Too funny. My kids have never been naked people. At least not yet.

Kari said...

She is absolutely precious!

Diana said...

That's really funny! Emma is so pretty Hailey!!!