Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Tuesday. . . with only one really gross picture

1. I want to take ballet. Seriously. Ballet. I want to be a ballerina. You laugh. Think about what great exercise it would be.

2. A few of you saw my facebook status asking what was on your summer playlist. To the rest of you, tell me. What is on your summer playlist?

3. I have called Caroline by her real name a lot lately. She still prefers Pam on occasion. I can't wait to see what name she comes up with this week.

4. Emma fell down the stairs a few days ago. I screamed. Thank God I keep clutter on my stairs because an empty box of diapers caught her. Next time you come over and wonder why there is an empty diaper box, clothes and shoes on the stairs... know that it is because it serves as a life saving device for my youngest child. I thought she was dead. She was just scared to death. No injuries.

5. Ashlyn just sent me a new tutu. I LOVE it! I can't wait to get some fabulous pictures. It is so beachy and beautiful.

6. Mom bought me a new phone, FINALLY! My sister and I now have matching Droids. Let me tell you, this phone is awesome. It does everything. I thought my blackberry was great. Well, going from a blackberry to a droid was like "going from a Pinto to an Escalade" (verizon salesman's exact words).

7. I publicly admitted today that I put Sun-In in my children's hair. No judgement please.

8. Caroline drank a whole bottle of Fruit2O last night. Is that normal? She drank it really fast.

9. What type of razor do you use? I use Ryan's because every razor I buy is terrible and doesn't get my legs as smooth as I like. Yes, it makes him angry. Therefore, I am asking for your help.

10. My blog was down for a little while a few days ago. Google said my account had been compromised. So, if you get a random e-mail from me do not open it. Sorry.

11. Girls night tomorrow! Yayy!

12. Fact that you probably don't know about me: I want a tattoo of a script L on my wrist. I just wish it didn't last forever. I'm sure I would be sick of it after a few days.

13. Caroline had dance camp last week. She loved it.

14. Have I ever told you that Caroline can flatulate on command? She can. Sometimes I wonder if she is really my child.

15. I have to plan Caroline's birthday party.

16. Our laptop cord died. Ryan went to buy one and the universal cord was like $110. What in the world? That is ridiculous.

17. In case you don't know my husband, let me tell you a little about him. When he gets something on his mind, he doesn't stop until he gets it. A few months ago we looked everywhere between here and Charlotte for a certain pair of Merrell shoes. Never found them. We found out later they didn't make the particular shoe he wanted. So, he gave up. Then he moved on to a kayak. Yes, a kayak. He has been wanting one. Long story short, he got one this past weekend. He was coming in from his second paddling expedition when he slipped and fell on an oyster shell. One urgent care trip, a big dose of lidocaine, lots of scrubbing of the wound, and 8 stitches later... he's all good.

Not the best quality picture. Taken with my phone.

18. I have a ton of pictures to upload and edited. I'll post again soon!


bridget said...

i take ballet! and i love it. ok, so i've been dancing since i was 5- but i think its great to do it as an adult. and it is the best workout.

and i use venus razor. works great for me! :)

Anonymous said...

If I could have any job in the world, it would be a dancer on Broadway. I was obsessed in my younger days until they told me I was too old to take dance. I actually was on the dance team at ECU for a brief little while.

I also use men's razors. I hate women's. Like you said, they just don't get as good as the men's do.

Yay for girls night!

I love love love "Hey Soul Sister" still. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. I'm digging "If We Ever Meet Again".... pretty much anything in the Top 20's! Hate "Rock Your Body" though. That tiny voice gets on my last nerve!

Kari said...

I have a secret : I ALWAYS wanted to take ballet. I even looked into it in high school, but I was too embarrassed to actually follow through. I have thought about taking classes every now and then!

Right now I use the schick quattro. I LOOVE it.