Monday, July 27, 2009

Chances are...

...if Caroline turns three- we will have multiple birthday parties for her.

...if we did not have a big birthday party like we normally do- we will celebrate in other ways.

...if it is Caroline's birthday- we will pack up and go to The Cookie Boutique with friends.

...if we go to The Cookie Boutique- we will decorate cookies, eat Mini Melts, have drinks, dance, run around like crazy people, and make animals from Animaland.

...if we went to The Cookie Boutique- I took pictures of course!

...if it is Caroline's birthday dinner- we spent it with Ryan's family.

...if it is time to cook- it is time to cook tacos.

...if it is time for cake- it is time for crowns and wands.

...if it is time to blow out candles- it is time for Emma bug to help.

...if is time for presents- it is time for the Marley and Me DVD, Fancy Nancy dresses, bike horns, a slip and slide and lots more.

...if it is time to open presents- Mindy, Jason, Kaitlyn, Hayley, and Sarah will give Caroline two fish.

...if we take those two fish home- only one will live through the night. Sorry, Caroline.

...if presents are over- it is time for the slip and slide!

...if the slip and slide is wet when you take it out of the box- more than likely it has been used and is broken.

...if it is broken- it is ok because Caroline doesn't know how to slip and slide anyway.

...if it is the summer and it is the weekend- we are at the beach.

...if we are at the veach- we will celebrate Caroline's birth there.

...if we didn't bring a cake- I will help make one.

...if you don't know how to write with icing- don't try it on a birthday cake.

...if you are cooking birthday dinner at the beach- you will cook fresh fish, fresh corn, fresh peas, homemade french fries, glop (tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and mayo), and hushpuppies.

...if the weekend is over- the birthday celebrations are over and you have one happy three year old.

...if I'm writing this- I borrowed the idea from Brittany who got it from Carrie.


Jess said...

Looks like you guys had a great birthday weekend! Love Caroline's take on slip and sliding :)

Mira said...

What a fun birthday! Happy birthday Caroline!

Krystyn said...

What a fun birthday celebration!

Krystyn said...

What a fun birthday celebration!

Nicole said...

You were one busy Mama (grin)!! Caroline is so adorable in fact so is Emma! The meals sound yummy and the cakes look great! Did you make them both?