Friday, July 10, 2009

Caroline Ryan Conversations

I'm upstairs and I hear Ryan having a very loud phone conversation downstairs. It went a little something like this...




All this was said in a really weird accent.

Then he said it. He said, "Look, I speak AMERICAN!"

Reaaly, Ryan? You speak American? Last time I checked American is our nationality not our language. English would be our language.

Overheard leaving a restaurant.

"Ryan, maybe Hailey should drive." No, we was not intoxicated. He made some silly comment that made him sound intoxicated.

Ryan replied, "I could still drive better than her after drinking TWELVE beers."

Thanks a lot, Ryan. Thanks a lot.

I understand that I have hit the pole beside the gas tank at the gas station (I wasn't even getting gas... I was just driving through) and the stop sign in the middle of the intersection with your vehicular device. However, can't you let that go? Can't you just move on? You really need to drop it.

A few weeks ago...

"Dammit. I have just realized that my analytics and counter html disappeared. Let me go see how long it has been like this."

"About a month," Ryan chimed in.

"I thought you didn't read my "stupid blog"." Picture me doing the air quotations here.

"I don't!"



Krystyn said...

Even better to quote the hubby goof-ups!

Krystyn said...

Even better to quote the hubby goof-ups!

Midwest Mommy said...

lol, that's great! The hubs thinks I am a horrible driver too.