Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mike's Farm.

Last Thursday was my FIL's birthday,
this is how it was spent...
I threw a bow in Emma's hair,
and off to the farm we went.

The signs were funny,
the mood was light.
We knew it would be
a fabulous night.

We heard great things,
about the food they prepared.
It was family style,
so we all shared.

The mac & cheese
was to die for.
If you have a similar recipe,
I need it for sure.

Fudge galore,
10-layer cakes,
It makes you wonder
how long someone bakes.

Hay rides,
and Christmas lights.
It was a cold, Christmasy,
wonderful night!


Mike's Farm was awesome. This was our first visit. The children loved it... we loved it. We can't wait to go back again.

If you live in the Eastern NC area, this is a must do! Put it on your list of places to visit in NC. {Did you know they were featured in Southern Living? Yep, they were!}

PS- Don't forget to eat all the mac & cheese you can. PPS- If you are going, let me know and I will send a few Tupperware containers with you. You can sneak me some home.


Anonymous said...

How ironic that I just emailed you about this place not knowing you guys just went last week! I love your pictures especially the one of the girls. Its beautiful. You should blow it up and hang it in the living room for everyone to see!! Thanks for the info! I think we have a trip planned for Friday! Yippy!

Rebecca said...

I just discovered your blog and love it!

What part of NC? I used to live in Wilmington!

Diana said...

I LOVE Mike's Farm!!! IF you get the mac-n-cheese recipe, please share! Great picture of your girls too!!!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

That really looks and sounds like a fun place. And, the picture of the girls is precious.

Jamie said...

It is fun! I can't wait to do all those fun things with Hayden! The picture of the girls is Fabulous! I loved the Christmas card!!