Monday, August 31, 2009

Teachers Pet Cardi, Simple Tee and Poppy Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Teachers Pet Cardi, Simple Tee and Poppy Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

How cute is this outfit?

Check out Grosgrain Fabulous for your chance to win!

Her knight in shining armor.

Big Brother.

This season has been amazing. I'm talking A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. We can't get enough. We are constantly watching and googling. We have a slight addiction problem.

I'm a little embarrassed to share this... Caroline is in love. Not just with the whole Big Brother show but with someone in particular. Who you ask? Do you even have to ask?

Jeff. Jeff Schroeder.

Isn't he beautiful?

And then there is the towel shot...

He is pretty amazing isn't he? I think so too. However, I contain myself. I don't yell his name each time he comes on the screen. Caroline does. I'm talking she yells and throws herself at the TV as if Jeff is her Prince Charming coming to rescue her on his white horse.

I do look forward to seeing him every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. But throwing myself at the TV... not so much.

I wonder how Ryan would react to that? I might try it out Tuesday.

Natalie's Sentiments.

Natalie's birthday is this week. She is having a birthday week extravaganza!

Check out her 7 days of giveaways!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

BUTTer beans.

Butter beans are one of our favorite sides. Mix them with a little corn and you have our favorite side dish in the world. We are easy and simple like that.

Last night, I was opening up a can of butter beans. These were different than normal. They had a little vidalia onion mixed with them.

Caroline was helping me cook dinner, of course. As I began to open the can of beans, I immediately noticed how awful they smelled.

Caroline began sniffing the air.

She paused.

She sniffed her arm.

She paused.

She sniffed my arm.

"Mom!" she exclaimed. "I smell you butt."

I could not contain my laughter.

I explained (through my giggles) that it was the butter beans that smelled terrible.

She sniffed and agreed it was the butter beans.

Later, she told Ryan, "Dose butter beans smell like Mommy stinky butt."

Note to self: NEVER buy those BUTTer beans again.
Check my recipe blog for a great chicken dish I cooked last night. It was super easy and very good!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Best friend conversations.

UPDATE: Ella was born at 4:30p.m. on August 25th. She was 8 lbs 13 oz. and 22 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well.
We went to a nearby college town to visit my sister this weekend. My preggo best friend and her husband came with us.

We were talking on the way and this is how our conversation went:

"Where are we going to eat tonight?" BF asked.

"I don't know. I am starving though." I said.

There was discussion about where we were going to eat.

"OMG. I hope your water doesn't break while we are out in public together. That is my biggest fear." I said.

"Well, I hope it does break. I am so ready to get this kid out of me."

"What if it breaks while we are eating dinner?"

"I'm not worried about that. If it breaks, I am just going to keep eating."

"What? You are just going to sit there and eat?"


Can you imagine if this had really happened? You might be preggo when...

We went to eat a Mexican restaurant here in town for dinner. The preggo BF and her husband came along.

"Ryan, let me have a bite of your jalapeno pepper." BF said.

Ryan cuts a piece off of his fresh jalapeno. (Why are fresh so much hotter than pickled?)

BF pops a pretty big piece of pepper in her mouth. She begins to cough. Her mouth was obviously on fire.

"What are you trying to do? Burn the kid out of you?" I asked.

"Yep." she said.

A few minutes later, she burped. None of use paid her any attention because this is not unlike her at all. Then she said, "Whewww. I think a little bit of fire came out in that."

We could not contain our laughter.

BF is in labor now. She called last night about 1:30am. She had been there for a while. She was having small contractions. She was dilated to a 3. I called this morning at 8am to check on her. Her hubs told me that she had just gotten her epidural and was at 4cm. The epidural made her sick but she was feeling better.

I talked to him again about 11am and she was at 5cm and sleeping.

Maybe we will meet little miss priss soon!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I heart babywearing.

I love wearing Emma. It is so fun and I think that it is super cute!

I was scrolling through some giveaways tonight and saw this one.

Baby Half Off is giving away a pink Baby K'tan Carrier. It is super cute... and I need it! {ha}

Click here for your chance to win! Hurry though! It ends at 10pm (MST)!

Hailey Lauren.

I love celebrity gossip.

Heck. I love everything celebrity.

I have my normal celebrity lovers.

1. Jude Law- My heart goes pitter-patter every time I see him. I still love him enough though he knocked-up some skanky chick.

2. Brad Pitt- It is so cliche, I know. Every woman loves him. Some people say he doesn't shower. I say, "I don't care. It's Brad-freaking-Pitt. I'd take him... smelly armpits and all."

3. John Kennedy Jr.- Everyone always has at least one dead crush. Is that weird? It is somewhat morbid. Anyway, he was so handsome. The last name Kennedy made it all better. I would have looked so hot in Jackie O's glasses, clothes, coats and shoes. I SO would have hyphenated my last name too. Do you think he would have taken offense to that? Hailey Bouvier-Kennedy.

Anyway, my list could go on and on. These are my top three. However, my number one celebrity crush is a little...ummm... odd. I told my best friend the other day and she looked at me like I was a crazy person.

Are you ready?

My number one celebrity crush....


Ralph Lauren.

It's weird. I know. Something about him is just so good looking.

To top it off, he is a designer god.

That's almost as great as "Kennedy" being your last name.

Anyway, I need for you to make me feel better about this weird crush. Tell me, who is your weird celebrity crush?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anna Conversation of the day.

Anna: "What are yall going to do today?"

Me: "I don't know yet."

Anna: "Well, Caroline said you were going to the pool."

Me: "We might. I don't know yet."

Anna: Gets a little angry and pushy. "That's what she said! She said she was going to the pool!"

Me: "She also says she is five. Does that mean she is five?"

Anna: "Maybe."

Friday, August 21, 2009

Soy beans & tutus.

Before I begin, I must give credit where credit is due. I got the idea of soy beans and tutus from Brittany over at 4 little men and girly twins. She is awesome. I can only hope to be half as good as she is at this photo gig.

Also, I used the same tutu on Caroline as I did on Emma. Of course it came from Cole Baby Tutu's. Check it out and tell Ashlyn that Hailey sent you. Isn't this a beautiful tutu? It is my favorite one the girls have so far.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reason number 842 that my child will need therapy.

Caroline bounced down the stairs this morning. "Mom. Dad." she said.

Before she could finish I was all loud and aggravating. "Good morning beautiful, little, princess, angel" I said in an extremely high pitched voice.

She slowly walked to me, head down. I'm sure she was thinking WTH? Why is my Mom such a nutjob?

She looked up at my face and screamed. "Wh...wh... what's dat?" Pointing to the alien that has landed and made itself a home on my upper lip.

"What are you talking about?" I asked jokingly.

"It's lellow."


"LELLOW! IT'S LELLOW!" (that's how she says "yellow")

All I could do was laugh.

"It's just a fever blister. You know how Mommy has had a cold? Well this is what happens to me. I pray to God you don't get them." I should have explained how I took 2000mg (yes, 4-500mg tablets) of Valtrex day before yesterday when I felt the alien growing on my face. I could have told her that I think that my body has become immune to Valtrex (is that possible, Lesley?). Instead, I stopped because she just sat and stared at the beast.

"Don't kiss me with that."

I didn't kiss her. I just chased her around the downstairs acting as if I was going to put my fever blister on her.

As far as I see it, I need to use the alien to my advantage. It will be my form of discipline. "Caroline, stop that or I am going to put my fever blister on you."

NOTE: I do not actually let the fever blister touch her. Please do not leave comments telling me that they are contagious and I am a bad mother. Thanks.

Me questions. Me answers.

Krystyn asked "Granny panties or thongs?" Depends on what I'm wearing. Most of the time I go for comfort so it is granny panties or commando.

"Are your toes painted? What color?" My toes are still somewhat painted from a pedicure that was done over a month ago. The color? OPI Samoan Sand with a side of chip. {ha} My favorite color is OPI's Russian Navy. I just went for something different this time.

"What is your favorite "I need a treat" treat?" A treat... as in to eat? Anything chocolate. If you mean "a treat" as in get away from children treat... I enjoy date night with Ryan and alone time to drink my coffee in the morning.

Sara asked "Do you still have a crush on Brian Bersticker?" Umm... maybe. This may or may not come as a total shock... I actually have a love affair with him the third weekend of every month. Ryan is totally ok with it because he knows my love for that hunk of a man. Ha!

Melanie asked "Where did you and Ryan meet?" We met in high school. We started dating right before I turned 16. We dated on and off until we married in 2006.

"What is your favorite thing to do on your free time?" This is weird but I love to just walk around Target. I don't have to buy anything. I just like walking around. I normally spend my free time (aka child-free time) with Ryan. We love going to dinner.

Megan asked "What's the best book you've read lately?" I just got done reading sTORI telling by Tori Spelling. It was good. Very back and forth. Very choppy but good.
I also just got done reading Flame-out: From Prosecuting Jeffrey MacDonald to Serving Time to Serving Tables by James Blackburn. He was the prosecutor that sent Jeffrey MacDonald to jail for murdering his family. The best part of the book was when he talked about the MacDonald trial. Other than that, it wasn't that great. It was a book that felt like it was dragging on forever and ever.
I have Mommywood by Tori Spelling waiting to be read. I am also waiting for My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Anna is finishing it up right now. I also want to read The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I want to read them before I watch the movies. It's just a pet peeve of mine. I have to read the book BEFORE I watch the movie. The book is always better. {ha}
Two books that I read over and over and over again are Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People you Meet in Heaven. Both are by Mitch Albom.

If you could have any restaurant open in LA (the town we are from), what would it be? Oh, this is a hard one. We only have local grills, a local pizza place, a seafood restaurant, Bojangles, Andy's, and a new Mexican restaurant. I would love to have a Chipotle because I still haven't tried it and I love Mexican food. I would love a Chick-fil-a (Have you tried their Chick-fil-a sauce? Yum! It tastes like BBQ and honey mustard mixed. It is DELICIOUS!). I would also love a Ruth Chris. I have never tried it but I hear it is amazing. It would be something WAY different for our area.

"Do you think you guys will have any more children?" This is another hard one. Right now, I say no. I was hell bent and determined on getting my tubes tied after Emma was born. My doctor said he didn't want to tie them because I was so young and who knows what the future will bring.
After all of my problems while pregnant with Emma, I feel like it isn't safe for me to have any more children. I KNOW it isn't safe for me to have more children. I went against everything the books say when Emma was born. Most women that develop HELLP are either really young or really old. I was 23. That is the prime of child bearing years. Most women that develop HELLP, do so in their first pregnancy. This, as you know, was my second.
So, for a short answer... no, I don't think we will have any more children.

Elaine from The Miss. Elaine-ous Life asked "If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?" Turtle Island, Fiji. This is where Nick and Jessica went on their honeymoon. Ever since reading about it, I have wanted to go. I could even rent the entire island for a whole week. "One week / 7 nights totally all-inclusive = US$300,000 inclusive of tax." In my dreams, right?

"If you could LIVE anywhere, where would it be?" I would love a studio apartment in NYC. Think Sex and the City.
To live permanently, I just want to be close to the beach. I would most definitely stay in NC.

"What's your favorite movie(s)?" Oh, I have a list.
1. Steel Magnolias
2. Ghost
3. P.S. I Love You
4. Just Married
5. August Rush

Jamie asked "Do you have a daily routine? If so what is it?" Ha. Routine? I wish I had a routine. My children have no routine either. Just call me mother of the year.
I do know that Emma will take a nap everyday about 10 or 10:30. Most days, she will sleep for about an hour. Caroline will nap (some days) after lunch and sleep for a least 2 hours. Emma will also take an afternoon nap about 2 and sleep for about 2 hours. Emma is in bed by 8. Caroline has no strict bedtime. I swear she could go all night. So, that is pretty much the only routine I have. The stuff we do in between those naps is always up in the air. It changes daily.

"Do you think your girls are the perfect age apart?" Both of my children were surprises... meaning we were not actively trying to have a baby when I got pregnant with both of them. We would have waited longer to have our second child but sometimes God has bigger plans, right? I think that 26 months apart is a good age difference. It is a little too much at times. Especially right now when I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old.
On a different note, there is 5 1/2 years between me and my sister. I like this age difference too. Some people say you can have your children too far apart. I don't believe that. Me and Anna are best friends... even though she is 18 and I am 24.

"Do you "get ready" if you are staying home that day or stay in your PJ's?" Let's keep this between us... I stay in my PJs. You are lucky if I even put pants on. Seriously. It makes Ryan so angry. Haha. We will get our shower at night (yes, I put both girls in the shower with me) and we will get right back in a new set of Pjs.

"When did you start giving Caroline and Emma babyfood?" Caroline was a beast and wanted food right away. I gave her rice cereal with a spoon at 4 weeks old. Soon after I began mixing it with applesauce. At about 3 months I started her on green peas and green beans. (I'm sure I have mentioned why I use the green baby food first?!) Once I got her hooked on those, I introduced all of the other "good" vegetables. After that, I added a fruit as a dessert after she ate all of her vegetable. Of course all babies are going to love the fruits. I'm an adult and I like the fruits!
I went WAY slower with Emma. Since she was born 8 weeks early, she made me a lot more nervous. I started giving her rice cereal with a spoon (I never put it in their bottles) at 4 months (she would have been 2 months regular gestation). After that, I added applesauce with it. She started green beans and peas at 5 months. I did the same routine that I did with Caroline. Emma has never been a fan of baby food though. Once she got teeth (she has 4 now) I began "real" food. Now, she eats yogurt, cut up green beans, chopped sweet potato, etc.
Another little known fact about my children and their eating habits... they both LOVE pickles. Caroline started sucking on pickles when she was tiny. Emma did too. They both LOVE them. I will cut the seedy top off for Emma to eat because it is super soft. Caroline eats tomatoes like apples and will try anything. Emma wants whatever Caroline wants so maybe she will be a good eater too.
Another trick with eating... I don't make a big deal out of what foods my children eat or drinks my children drink. I let them drink Pepsi and eat candy. Yet when you ask Caroline what she wants to drink with dinner, she will mostly choose milk or juice. It's almost as if when you take the soft drink/sweet away from them, they want it so much more. Caroline has also been known to ask for cucumbers and M&Ms as a snack. She will eat all of the cucumbers but leave half of the M&Ms. Weird! Ha!

"Did you and Ryan have a big wedding?" Ryan and I did not have a big wedding. We got married at his church. It was right after Easter so there were Easter lilies still in the sanctuary. Amen for free decoration. However, I was not even worried about decorations. It was just me, Ryan, and two of our friends that were our witnesses, and the preacher. It was short, sweet, and to the point.

Kari asked "So...I don't know anything about your wedding. was it a biggie? Or small affair?" I always dreamed of a HUGE wedding. When the time came, I wanted our wedding to be small. Read Jamie's answer above for more details.

"What are your thoughts on the President Obama?" Politics, religion and abortion are normally topics I don't discuss. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Opinions are like ass cracks, everybody has one.
To answer your question though, I like President Obama as a person. I don't think he is a cruel, hateful, mean, terrible person. However, I do not like him as our President. I do not fully agree with the decisions he is making. And no, I did not vote for him. {my inbox will be full of hate e-mails now. ha}

"If you were stranded on an island and could only have one thing with you, what (or who) would it be...and don't say a boat." I am going to take people out of this question because that makes it too easy. I would just answer with "my family". So, if I could only have one material possession, it would be my blanket. Yes, I am 24 and still sleep with my baby blanket. I take it everywhere I go. If we go to Charlotte for the weekend, it comes too. If we go to the beach, blanket comes too. This is my blog, you shall not pass judgement!

"What is your favorite pair of shoes and where did you get them?" My favorite pair? Meaning one. Ugh. I will figure a way around this.

Casual... my first pair of Uggs. I had them in high school so now, they look like crap. They are so soft and flimsy now. They are super comfortable and I love them. They smell like dog though. Ha! I ordered them from Ugg.
Dressy/Date night shoes... It is a tie between my BCBG super tall snakeskin platform wedges and the super tall Anne Michelle Square Toe Crocodile Strappy heels (that are VERY reasonable. You can see them here and here). I got them both from Che Bella in Greenville, NC.
Boots... My Tony Lama cowboy boots. Yes, the ones I cried for. I got them from a country western store in Selma. You can also see a similar pair here.
I also have a pair of boots that hold a very special place in my heart. I searched for these boots for over a year. I found them this past Christmas at Aldo. I assumed I wasn't getting them because my Mom hadn't asked me anything else about them. On Christmas morning, I opened them up and I was so excited! How hawt are these? I wish we had gotten them on clearance. That would have made them even better!
Flats... Juicy Couture Moxy red patent flats. They are so hawt but give me TERRIBLE blisters. I need a pair of Tory Burch Riva Ballet flats. You know which ones I want, Mama. Oh, the Juicy ones came from Net-a-Porter. Again, I got these for Christmas so Net-A-Porter no longer has them available.
Ha! I told you I would find a way around just ONE pair of shoes.

Kelly asked "Have you always wanted to be a stay at home mom?" Most definitely. It would be even better if we had a pot to piss in money. Haha! I will eventually go back to school. Right now with two children, I can't. I would be working to pay for daycare. I think it would be ideal to go back to school once Caroline is in Kindergarten. That gives me 2 more years at home. I am an elementary education major and my plan is to just stick with that. I feel like it is an ideal job when you have a family.

"Will you guys try to have another child?" Megan asked the same question. My answer in short is no. We weren't "trying" for the first two! Ha! It would be neat to actually "try" for a child. I just know it is not healthy for me or the baby. Are you ready for too much information? No, my tubes are not tied. I have the Mirena IUD. It was the most permanent option for me at the time. Therefore, we are taking every step necessary (other than not having sex) to not get preggo. (Was that too much information? I feel like it was. Mom don't read that part, ok?)

Midwest Mommy asked "How many times a year do you clean out your belly button? I mean really clean, q-tip and all." Well... I wash it with soap and a wash cloth when I am in the shower. I may have cleaned it out 5 times in my whole life with a q-tip. Am I suppose to do that? I mean, my belly button doesn't look dirty. I felt as if I was cleaning it thoroughly in the shower. OMG. I am stressed out now. I must go google proper cleaning of your belly button.

Diana asked "What is your typical day like?" Our day starts anywhere from 6:30am to 7:30 and goes on until about 11 or 12 that night. After everyone is in bed and asleep, I spend "Hailey time". It is my time to catch up on blogs, email, and post things on my mind. Days are pretty long around here if we do not get out of the house. So, most days we are going somewhere. Even if it is just to the grocery store, I have to get out! {haha}

"Have you ever considered getting a job, or will you always be a SAHM?" I wish I could be a SAHM forever. However, I will get a job one of these days. Kelly asked the same question so for further details, scroll up a bit.
Little known fact about me (to the bloggy world). Before Emma came, I was in school and I worked as a waitress at night. It was great for me because it was super easy money. It wasn't so great for Ryan because that meant he had to get Caroline to bed every night. As you know, Caroline is a TERRIBLE sleeper. He would have to fight her every night to get her to sleep. This wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't have to get up at 3:30am and be at work at 4am. So, staying up until 11:30 and 12 every night wasn't easy for him. I ended up quiting my waitressing job and I put school on hold until my children are older.

Meredith Price asked "What is your all time favorite thing to eat?"
Cheddar Cheese Quakes and Baked Cheddar Quaker Snack Mix are my two favorite snacks.
I also love Mexican and my new love is sushi. My favorite are volcano rolls from Sumo. Narita also has a fabulous spicy chicken roll.
Oh, and I LOVE shrimp and grits. Amos Mosquito's has the best I've ever had. Even better than this fancy place (which is another one of my favorite but we rarely eat there). I don't have one all time favorite food. I love all food! However, I broke it down just a little bit for you. {grin}

"What was your favorite vacation?" My favorite vacation was really the only vacaction that Ryan and I have taken together alone as a couple. We went on a cruise to Freeport and Nassau. It was beautiful, relaxing, fun, exciting... everything we dreamed it would be and much more! You can read about it here.

Well, I answered everyone's questions. I hope that I am everything you thought I was cracked up to be. That was fun. Thank you all for participating!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordlessful Wednesday- Del Ray Farm

Don't forget to ask me whatever questions are on your mind. I will post the answers tomorrow. Go to the this post and ask away.

1. Swedish soprano who toured the United States under the management of P. T. Barnum (1820-1887)
(synonym) Swedish Nightingale

During her American tour, Jenny Lind became stranded in our area. She reportedly sat under an old oak tree near a store and sang. That's how this area became Jenny Lind.

The cool part? That store is on my family's farm. It belongs to my Daddy George (my granddad) and his brother. Another cool fact? My Daddy George was actually born in the back of the Jenny Lind store on Christmas Eve in 1942. They only had a 10 pound scale and he weighed more than that. They have no idea how much he really weighed. He was obviously a beast. {Ha}

The other day, I had my camera and went to the old farm house to take pictures. This is what I got. Happy Wordless Wednesday.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Everyone that reads my blog knows everything about my children.

However, you may not know everything about me.

This is your chance.

Think of a question that you have been dying to ask me.


Go for it.

I will do a whole post of answers so I need lots of questions.

Ask as many as you want. Do you want to know my favorite food or my favorite color? Do you want to know what OCDs I have? Do you want to know about Ryan and I? Do I follow the AAP recommended immunization schedule? Do I cloth diaper or use disposables?

Ask away my friends. Ask away.

Leave your question(s) in the comments or you can e-mail them to me at

I'm excited. This is going to be fun!

My first mini photo shoot.

By "first mini photo shoot", I mean the first time I have set out with three children and a camera in hopes of capturing the perfect photo.

Here's what I got...

The girls did not cooperate well.

This little cutie did though...

I even got these...

I figuring all this camera stuff out. Maybe I'll know it all one day. Ha!

Weekend randoms.

- We spent our weekend at home. It was nice. We haven't been at home since July 4th.

- Ryan landscaped all weekend and I played with the babes.

- We had our date night Saturday night with two friends. Oh, how I love date night.

- Emma, Ryan and I are full of cold. We were all up at 2:30 last night.

- Caroline made a new friend this weekend.

- I did my first mini photo shoot Saturday. I was just practicing of course. {Pictures to come in a later post}

- Caroline's playhouse is done. Now, we just have to paint it purple. My Dad worked on it all weekend.

- Today we are planning to go to the pool.

- Emma can now pat-a-cake and blow kisses. She loves baby dolls. Last night she surprised us by walking while pushing a little car. I foresee walking in the near future. (fun times)

- Caroline's new trick is sticking her tongue out. "I not like you anymore!" she says followed with some tongue sticking out. She also has issue with fingernails and toenails. She bites both. She also bites Emma's. She has just learned to use fingernail clippers. She is clipping her non-existent nails as we speak. Issues. The kid has issues. {ha}

- My baby sister, Anna, moves to a college town this weekend. She is so excited. My mom... not so much.

- I am looking for a double umbrella stroller. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.