Friday, August 29, 2008

I am triumphant.

The husband tried.

He tried to make Caroline stay in the bed with us last night.

We all went upstairs to bed... together.

Normally we will get her to sleep downstairs and then go to bed.

Not last night.

We all crawled in MY big, comfy king size bed.

Everyone rolled over to my side.

Caroline talked about Daddy going to work for about 30 minutes.

I had to go through his whole morning routine with her... 1,000 times!

Finally she decided it was time to stop talking.

She laid down on her Daddy's chest.

She went to sleep.

Daddy rolled over and plopped her on the bed right up against me.

"NOPE! Take her to her room. She is sleeping in her bed."

He just rolled over as if I wasn't even talking.


I pulled the 30 pound toddler to her room, put her in her bed... where she slept all night.

I didn't hear her once.

Until this morning when she yelled MOMMY at 7:45 because her pull-up had leaked.

Smart little thing was already taking her sheets off of the bed when I got in there.

Sleeping and cleaning up... I am VICTORIOUS!


Caroline napping the other day... after a long, hard battle.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nights from hell.

Last night was terrible.

My child hates to sleep.

She whines.

She cries.

She scratches her legs till they bleed.

She whines.

She cries.

She scratches more.

I almost lost it last night.

Ryan did too.

He shot up from the bed.

Felt her pull-up.

It was wet.

He ripped it off.

Left her there... uncovered... naked as everything.

That left me to get up, go downstairs, get a pull-up, medicine for her legs, and pants to put on her now skinless legs.

After putting on a pull-up, medicine, and pants you would have thought she would have gone back to sleep.

Not Caroline.

Not the child that never sleeps.

I got up.

Yelled that I couldn't take it anymore.

Then I did it.

I took her to her bed.

She climbed the pink stairs to her nice, comfy big girl bed.

She looked at me with those sweet eyes.


So I laid down with her.

She was out in two minutes or less.

So that is it my friends.

I am putting my foot down with the husband.


I don't sleep very good already.

With her whining all night... it is worse.

Her room is two feet from our room.

Tonight, she will drink her bottle of V8 at her request (purple V8 this week).

She will fall asleep in the arms of her Daddy that she adores.

He will then take her up the stairs to the big, comfy, pink big girl bed that she needs to be in.

Pray for us.

Today's appointment with the Dr.

All is well in baby world.

This morning I drank the every disgusting orange glucola for my glucose test.

We all got into the car and went to the doctor.

I was anxious.

I felt bad.

I was hungry.

I was ready for the appointment to be over.

I got there.

I had forgotten my paperwork that I had filled out at home.

I had to do it again.

Caroline went with the hubby and I.

Not such a good idea.

She had flatulence (don't want to use another word) and let's just say I almost vomited in the waiting room and lots of people were looking I am sure.

With paperwork finished, they finally were able to take my blood.


I had my blood work done at the hospital Saturday. Don't take 1,000 more tubes from me again today.

They searched.

They called.

They ended up taking my freaking blood anyway.

"We will use it if we need it. It not, we will trash it."

Great... perfectly good blood... down the drain!

The appointment got better after that.

I was expecting to see my regular, wonderful doctor that I absolutely love.

However, as I sit on the table (in a state I will not describe) in bounces the doctor that took care of me at the hospital.

Remember, I had said I wanted to see him today but he said it was fine and to just see my regular doctor.

I was so glad to see him.

It makes you feel better to know that the doctor knows exactly what has been going on with you.

Anyway, long story short... everything was perfect.

Baby Girl Lafone has had lots of movement.

Her heart rate was good.

We got to see her sweet, precious face again today.

That always makes you feel better... hearing there little heartbeat and seeing them.

We had another ultrasound to measure my fluid.

My fluid was great.

I haven't dilated any... thank goodness.

All in all... we are doing wonderful!

To add to the list of greatness... I haven't gained that much weight. Especially not compared to how much I gained with Caroline. :-)

Afterwards as a treat, the husband took Caroline and I to Pizza Inn. I have been wanting pizza for two weeks now. Can you say YUM-O!

It is wonderful when your husband truly understands your pregnancy needs :-)

My spirits are better than previous days this week. I was worrying because that is just what I do. After the good news today (and the pizza) I am feeling much better. Keep us in your prayers. I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is what happens when...

You leave your two-year-old in her toddler friendly room.

You walk downstairs to get some things done.

You hear crashes... you ignore them.

You hear slams... you ignore them.

As long as there is no crying, you feel safe in leaving her upstairs for a ten minute period of time (OK... sometimes 20 minutes).

This is what you find when you go upstairs to get her.

Notice that every book has been pulled out of the bookcase.

The TV and VCR are pushed to the side.

Her play vanity has crashed to the floor.

She also has no shirt on.

She decided to strip in the process of destroying her room.

Here is a picture of her putting play food in her old fish tank.

Maybe it was for that best that Bouvier jumped out of her tank before Caroline turned two.

PS- Yes... her fish was named after Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

OhMommy has done it again!

OHMommy at classychaos has done it again.

She is giving more stuff away.

Look at these fabulous shoes. YOU by crocs.

Way too cute.

Check out OHMommy's site to enter for your chance to win a pair.

Just CLICK HERE to go to her site!

Maybe I'll win!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She shuts down.

My wildchild.

My little animal.

My crazy, kicking, screaming, biting, pinching, hitting, sweet, beautiful baby girl.

When we go somewhere new... around new people... she shuts down.

She becomes this child that I do not know.

We went to a dress party a friend of mine was throwing.

SHOUT OUT TO DANA... Way cute dresses... Just Ducky... go ahead... you know you want to... click the link.. if you want to order, let me know and I can find out how you can order through her.

Anyway, Dana has a little girl that is three moths older than Caroline.

I thought she would have a ball playing with Alexis.

I thought she would walk right in her house and act like it was her own.

Nope. Shut down.

I had to hold her.

Imagine... 28 weeks preggers... holding 30 pounds of wild animal.


Anyway, Caroline has a nervous habit.

I bite my nails but Caroline chews on her whole hand.

Caroline gets nervous... she inserts her fingers into her mouth and chews.

So here I am... trying to spend money... trying to find a way-too-cute Christmas dress for my way-too-cute toddler.

The way-too-cute toddler that has her full hand inserted into her mouth.

She was being an eight month old in a two-year-old body.

How do you get children over this?

How do you make them be themselves around other people.

We were there for a little over an hour.

Caroline finally opened up and became herself at the very end of the visit.

It would just make it easier for us all if she would just be her normal outgoing self everywhere we went.

Not so much of the animal in her... the sweet, precious, playful Caroline. :-)


This week's book is a laugh-out-loud book. The more expression you put in it, the more you will laugh. Caroline and I think that it is hilarious.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems

There is a whole series of Mo's pigeon books. This one just happens to be our favorite.

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's been a long weekend.

Our weekends are normally low-key.

We don't do much of anything.

We lay around.

Spend time together.

All in all... we do nothing.

This weekend wasn't one of those weekends.

It began great.

Ryan's brother and his family were here from Mooresville.

We spent time with them at his Mom's house Friday night.

We had plans to go to the Watermelon Festival in Winterville Saturday morning.

Saturday morning started normal enough.

I couldn't sleep... as usual.

I got up and checked Google Reader.

I read new blogs.

I decided I was hungry and wanted cereal.

Open refrigerator... NO MILK.

I hopped in the car and went to my Mom's and got some.

After eating my huge bowl of cereal I went to wake Caroline to feed her and get her dressed.

Like I said, it was a normal morning.

Normal until, we woke Ryan up and blood came gushing out of me. (Sorry so graphic. Don't know how else to describe it.)

I freaked.

Ryan freaked.

We jumped in the car and went to the hospital.

Mom was working so she had already informed Dr. and nurses in labor and delivery that I was coming and what to expect when I got there.

Long story short... it is Monday at 12. We have been at home for a few hours.

It was been a long terrible weekend.

Lots of medicine.

Lots of needles.

Baby girl Lafone is doing fine though.

Dr. just thinks it was all cervical bleeding.

He kept a close eye on me through the weekend because I was having a few contractions.

To me... they felt like Baby girl was just balling up in my stomach and it gets really tight.

I haven't been in any pain.

I haven't had any cramping.

Now we are just thanking God for looking over me and Baby Girl.

I have not dilated any.

My water bag has not ruptured.

No placenta previa or placental abruption.

Baby Girl's heart rate is great.

Dr. estimates her weight to be about 2 pounds 8 ounces.

I have had two shots of steroids for Baby Girls lungs just in case she decides to come early (it doesn't look like it... but just in case).

I will get another steroid shot next week too.

My nurse that took care of me yesterday had her baby at 31 weeks. She had two shots of this steroid and her baby was only on the lowest dose of oxygen for a day... AT 31 WEEKS. So really, the more of this shot I get... the better.

I had an appointment for Thursday for my sugar testing.

I am keeping that appointment. Dr. said there was no need to see me before then unless something happens.

I will have another ultrasound Thursday.

She will measure my fluid again to make sure there isn't a slow leak.

After many cultures and 4 ultrasounds there seems to be no leak but again Dr. wants to be on the safe side.

Ok... that was lots of information.

I don't know if I have forgotten anything.

I am sure I have.

However, I just want everyone to know that Baby Girl Lafone and I are doing well. Caroline is doing great. Ryan is too.

Just keep us all in your prayers.

I will keep you updated.

PS- When Dr. did my ultrasound Saturday morning, my estimated due date was November 12 (Lesley's birthday). I don't know if I have said before but at first they told me November 17. We will have to wait and see. Just pray all goes well until November. :-)

Another PS- When Dr. did my ultrasound Saturday morning, he measured and looked around. He was trying to calm us all down from a hectic morning. We got to see a GREAT picture of Baby Girl's face. She looked at us and put her hands together. Then she yawned. All the commotion of the morning and there sits my Baby Girl... yawning. It was like she was "What is all this commotion about?" It was precious. It made us all feel better. Another plus is that maybe this little one will be laid back. :-)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The floatees have GOT to go.

~Somehow this blog showed up on Google Reader that it was posted Thursday, August 21st. Anyway, it wasn't suppose to post until today. If this is your second time reading it, I am extremely sorry.

We went to the pool.

Just me and C.

I love the pool.

As a child, I lived there.

I spent my high school years working out there everyday. (I was a lifequard)

The pool is my second home.

The one thing I cannot stand is for a kid to cry at the pool.

It takes everything inside of me not to pick a scared kid up off of the steps and throw them into the deep end and yell "SINK OR SWIM!"

It is harsh... I know.

If you are scared of the water that is fine.

I understand.

I know lots of people that are scared to death of the water.

However, they don't sit in the pool, on the step, screaming bloody murder because they don't like the water.

Anyway... back to the topic at hand.

My kid... my wildchild... my princess... my waterbug... has become WAY to attached to her floatees.

We were having a wonderful time at the pool.

She was making friends with a little girl named Sarah.

She was splashing.

She was blowing bubbles.

Then it happened.

She threw a ball.

She wanted to get off of the steps.

I grabbed her and held her to swim and get the ball.

The child screamed bloody murder wanting those stupid floatees.


I took her back to the steps with the ball in her hand.

She stopped screaming and continued to play.

Then she threw the ball out in the deeper water again.

"I get it!" she said.

Once again, she screamed bloody murder when I picked her up.


"Caroline, you are fine. Mommy has got you."


I was getting angry.

My kid was the screaming kid at the pool.

The scared screaming kid that wants stupid arm floatees.

I looked at her.

She looked at her.

Then I did it.

I picked up the floatees and threw them into the middle of the pool.

"If you want them... you have to swim to get them."

The screams continued.


I picked her up to hold her.

I calmed her down.

We swam out to the middle of the pool together to get the stupid floatees.

She put them on her arms.

She was happy.

She got back to the steps... took the floatees off... looked at me and said, "Mommy. Mean."


She only used the floatees one more time after that.

But she knew. She knew she had defeated me.


I've got your number kid.

Next time we take a trip to the pool, "Mean Mommy" is leaving the floatees at home.



I will break the habit one way or another.

The floatees have GOT to go!

Yours Truly,

"Look at Mommy!" ~Me "NO!" ~Caroline

"Hey! Look at Mommy!" ~Me "NO!" ~Caroline

"HA! I caught you... you little turkey nugget!" ~Me "NO!" ~Caroline

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dress up Friday.

~This is the second post for today. Sorry! I have a lot to share this morning! :-)

Today is Caroline's last day of school.

We wanted her finish the summer out even though I am done with school.

Now she will be at home with Mommy.

We have lots of fun things planned before Baby Sister gets here.

I found a cute at-home preschool program online that I am going to do with Caroline.

We will find other activities to do for socialization.

If you live in our area and know of anything, let me know. :-)

Anyway, they are having an end of summer luau today at two.

Caroline got to wear her Hawaiian get-up.

Complete with a shell lei, flower lei, hair flower, cute cotton bikini top and grass skirt.

I always take pictures as we are walking out of the door.

Ryan hates that our front door is always the background for these pictures.

So sorry!

Anyway, Caroline wouldn't look at the camera this morning.

But, wasn't she a cutie?

I will take some better pictures at the luau this afternoon.

I will post them some time tonight.

Foto Friday.

Most mommy bloggers have Wordless Wednesday.

They post a picture and that is it.

I cannot leave a blog wordless.

So, I have decided to do a Foto Friday.

"Foto" instead of "photo" for alliteration purposes. It is just more cute.

I think this is going to replace our Weekend Photo section of the blog.

Again, the title is more cute.

So, for our first Foto Friday...

Caroline was caught!

I walked out of the kitchen the other night for two seconds and came back to find this.

Caroline grabbed a tomato and was eating it like an apple.

I think this is weird.

She gets it from her Daddy though.

I think they are going to turn into tomoatoes and cucumbers this summer.

I don't know who eats more... Ryan or Caroline.

Anyway, it made her Daddy proud.

However, she began to scream when he asked her if he could wash it off.


"Caroline it is dirty. It has been outside in the dirt."

He tried taking it from her.


She kept eating.

Oh well!

God made dirt... dirt won't hurt.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Twenty-five months.

Heather over at Dooce is a brilliant writer and mom. She has a daughter named Leta. Each month she writes Leta a letter. I think I read somewhere that she is eventually going to make a book out of the letters.

Anyway, thanks Heather for the great idea. Here is my first letter to Caroline.

Dear sweet Caroline,

Today you are twenty-five months old. It seems like just yesterday "you were cutting your teeth on Jim Dear's slippers." I am only kidding. It does seem like just yesterday you were a month old. Daddy and I were brand new parents that freaked out over the smallest noise you would make. Little did we know that a short 24 months later, our house would be full of noises that we should be freaking out over but have learned to ignore.

Since your second birthday a month ago, a lot has changed. You woke up one morning and decided that it was the day that you would begin talking like an adult. Everything Daddy and I say, you try to repeat. I was beginning to get worried because you weren't saying as many words as I thought a two-year-old should. However, I know now that you are fine. You are speaking clearly and you are perfectly healthy. You even started saying your name this month and Caroline is a hard name to say for a little girl like you.

Your new favorite thing to do is sing. All day long, you walk around the house singing your ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Happy Birthday to you. Yes, you sing happy birthday to yourself. Every now and again, you will sing Happy Birthday Daddy or Happy Birthday Mommy.

Your independence is overwhelming. At times, Daddy and I want to pull our hair out. Your potty training is going exceptionally well. However, after you tee-tee in the potty you insist on putting your own big girl pants on. We are not allowed to help you... AT ALL. Most of the time you get two legs through one hole in your big girl pants. You think you have accomplished so much. Daddy and I just clap and say YAHHH! We know you are proud... even if they are on wrong. Most of the time you will let us help you fix your big girl pants once you feel like you've accomplished the task yourself. I am sure you realize they are uncomfortable the way you put them on.

We introduced you to Baby Sister this month. We talk to you about Baby Sister in Mommy's tummy. You are sometimes very nice to her. You will sing to her. You will even share your snacks with her (you think she eats your snacks through my belly-button). You are a great big sister already and really have no idea how your life is about to change. I know the change will be hard but you are going to be a GREAT big sister. I said you are "sometimes" nice to Baby Sister. Then there are the other times. You will lay your sweet head on Mommy's shoulder and you will feel Baby Sister kick you. The first time this happened, you were angry. I told you Baby Sister was kicking you. I told you that she was just playing with you. However, you were not having it. You lifted my shirt, looked at my belly, hit it, and said "NO BABY SISTER!" Of course you said this in a two-year-old way so "sister" sounded like "seester." Anyway, one day you noticed Mommy's tummy moving. I told you Sister was kicking and moving around in there. You pulled up your shirt and looked at your belly. I asked you if Baby Sister was moving around in your belly and you said yes. You then sucked your stomach in and out to make it move. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Now when we ask you if Baby Sister is kicking, you pull your shirt up and show off your cute belly that you are sucking in and out.

The past twenty-five months have been lots of fun. Everyday is a new adventure with you. You are the most amazing little girl I have ever met. You are strong and independent. You are wild and sweet. You are who you are and we love you more than you will ever know.

Love always and forever,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The Little.

This is Ryan's nickname for Caroline.

Well... she is now going to be called "The Big."

I wanted to blog to let everyone know that The Big slept in her very own big girl bed last night.

I am so proud!

She fell asleep on the couch watching Big Brother with me.

I took her upstairs and slowly placed her in her bed.

I woke up at 12 and checked on her. She was fine.

Ryan woke me up at 3:30 because she was yelling "MOMMY!"

It wasn't a scream.

It wasn't a cry.

It was a yell that meant COME HERE NOW!

I walked in her room.

She was standing on her bed holding something.

My eyes were adjusting and I couldn't see what it was.

I asked her what was wrong.

She said, "I tee tee."

I got closer and she had tee-teed in her pull-up and had taken it off.

She handed it to me.

I cleaned her up and put on a dry pull-up.

"Would you like to come get in the bed with Mommy and Daddy?"


She laid back down in her bed.

"Mommy. Me."

"Would you like Mommy to lay down with you in your big girl bed?"

"Aye!" This means yes.

I laid down with her for about 2 minutes and she was back asleep.

I went in her bedroom this morning at 8 and woke her up for school.

I don't know who was more proud... me or her.

I think she was shocked that she was still in her big girl bed.

One night down... many more to go.

Hopefully it will continue to be this easy.

Caroline... The Big.

~*I forgot to take a picture. I will take one of her this afternoon when she gets home from school. I want everyone to see The Big in her new big girl bed!*~

She can't be the smelly kid.


No words can describe how strong-willed this chick is.

The past couple of days have been crazy in our house.

She has eczema on the back of each leg.

It looks terrible.

We have been putting a new cream on it and it seems to be working well.

However, Caroline scratches it uncontrollably at night in her sleep.

I know this because not only do I see the backs of her legs every morning... but she is STILL in the bed with us.

She wakes me up in the middle of the night because she is scratching so hard.


We have a little routine each night.

After Caroline's bath, she gets her medicine on the backs of her legs.

She puts on PJ pants.

She gets her bottle.

She sits with Daddy.

She goes to sleep.

This is NOT what happened the other night.

We went to KK and Jay's for a little while.

Caroline was dresses is a cute pink dress that she got for her birthday.

She took the dress off to put on her bathing suit.

She went swimming.

She had her bath in KK's big tub.

I had her PJ pants in her bag.

I put them on her.

Then the fighting began.

She insisted that she wear her pink polka dot dress home.

She took her PJ pants off and made KK put the dress back on her.

Ok... whatever.

I thought Daddy would be able to talk her into putting on her pretty PJ pants.


Once we got home, she insisted that we leave her alone.

We were not even allowed to act like we were going to touch the dress.

Fast forward 10 hours.

I go in the bedroom to wake Caroline up to go to school.

Yes, she still had the dress on.

The same dress she wore at school the day before.

The same dress she wore during dinner the night before.

The same dress she rolled around in the grass in all day long.

I woke her up.

We loved and kissed and sang.

I had her clothes laid out on the bed.

She looked at the clothes. She looked at me. She looked at the dress.


"Yes, Caroline. Let's put on her clothes so that you can go to school and play."


"You CANNOT wear that dress to school again today!"


What the heck!

I can't send my kid to school in the same outfit she wore the day before.

This is a kid that barely wears an outfit to school more than twice... EVER!

What am I going to do?

Take control Hailey. You are the parent.

So... I ripped the dress off the crazy kid that was screaming her head off.

She freaked.

I ignored her.

She was still freaking long after I got her dressed and came downstairs.

She was yelling "MOMMY MEAN!" the whole way to school.

It broke my heart.

What is a Mama to do?

I can't let my kid be the smelly kid at school, you know?

My sweet precious princess in a dirty pink dress

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby names on the brain.

~*Before you read... I want to apologize to anyone that I offend in this blog. I am venting and really am not writing to hurt anyone's feelings. All names are beautiful and special in there own way.*~


"What, Caroline?"


This was Caroline's response when we asked her what baby sister's name should be.

Ryan and I just can't think of a name we truly love.

Caroline's name was easy for us.

I loved Caroline.

He loved Tyler.

Caroline Tyler is her name.

This time around has been more difficult.

I loved the name Emerson. Ryan hated it.

I loved the name Emilyne. Ryan said nope. However, it is still being debated.

What are his list of names you ask?

Where do I begin?


One of his names was Fiona.

YES... you heard me! Like Shrek's wife... FIONA.

I threw up in my mouth a little trying to say it.

Sorry to the Fionas out there. It just isn't my favorite name. I think of an ogress (that is a female ogre).


Yes. Frances.

I think he was just messing with me.

I hope he was anyway.

I think of a grandma with a little bun with a three foot long cigarette hanging out of her mouth and a vicious dog in her lap.


Frances is not the name... I am sure.

His list of names got a little better.


That is a decent name.

I almost liked it as a middle name.

I sometimes think of a dog when I say it aloud though.

It isn't the greatest.

I can't even remember the other names that he has thought of.

It seems like each one is more horrible than the next.

Like I said though... I am stuck.

I can't think of any names either.

So... I have officially decided Baby Girl Lafone's name.

Ryan doesn't even know that I have decided on a name yet.

This is the first official announcement. Baby Girl Lafone's name is..

Two Lafone.

Say it again. Two Lafone.

It has a ring.

Better than anything else we've thought of.

Good work, Caroline.

You've made baby sister proud.

~*I am only kidding. We will let you know when we decide something. Feel free to leave us a comment with a baby name that you think is GREAT. Please no Fionas or Frances'. Thank you.*~


There is a house,
a napping house,
where everyone is sleeping.

This week Caroline and I picked The Napping House by Audrey Wood to share with our readers.

The illustrator is Don Wood. The pictures are our favorite part of the book. They are so pretty.

Emilie Coulter writes, "Everyone, in this case is a snoring granny, a dreaming child, a dozing dog, a snoozing cat, a slumbering mouse... and a wakeful flea! Uh-oh. Looks like the napping house won't be napping for long. With their very own brand of humor, Audrey Wood and Don Wood create an appealing bedtime book compatible with Margaret Wise Brown's classic Goodnight Moon. This small, square board book, with its rhythmic, repetitive text and witty pictures in shades of ever-brightening blues and greens (as the night turns to day), is sure to be a winner with preschool insomniacs. The sleepy household congregates on Granny's bed, slowly building a very relaxed pile of bodies in shifting positions. Young readers will enjoy tracking the critters as they make their way, one by one, to the bed--and then guessing what will happen when the wakeful flea joins the heap."

Check it out.

Caroline and I love it! It is on our favorite books list.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Say no to crack.

You would think she was a big, fat, sweaty truck driver that can't keep his pants up.

She's not.

She is a sweet, delicate flower...


Who am I kidding?

There is nothing delicate about Caroline.

She is what some would call... aggressive.

Aggressive... and she likes to let her crack hang out.

I have to admit, the chick has done wonderful with potty training.

When she is at home she only wears pull-ups to bed.

The rest of the time she has on "big girl pants."

She hates clothes... so most of the time she just has on her "big girl pants."

This is where our problem comes into play.

Recently she has been pulling just the back of her "big girl pants" down to reveal the cutest little crack you have ever seen.

She walks around like this.

All you see is crack.

We have friends over for dinner... she doesn't care. She rips them down.

The president could be here for dinner... she wouldn't care. She would rip them down.

(I don't know if he would be more shocked by a crack kid OR the fact that the crack kid sometimes lays on the table and eats like an animal.)

She likes to let it all hang out.

What do you do?

It makes me wonder though.

Why do you think she just likes to reveal her backside?

Why doesn't she just get naked?

Then I could call her "naked baby" and not "crack baby."

In conclusion, I will leave you with this picture.

~NOTE: I haven't taken any pictures of Caroline letting it all hang out. I don't want her to grow up living a normal life only to realize her crazy mama posted a picture of her crack online when she was two. It may cause her to need some sort of therapy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend photos (some from two years ago)

Caroline has ALWAYS loved outside.

Even as an itty bitty baby. (Reason for the two year old photo at the top)

Caroline is definitely a summer baby.

She loves wearing her bathing suit.

She loves being out in the sun.

She absolutely loves the water.

Last summer this was her favorite thing to do.

She would sit in that pool and splash and play all day.

When we went to the "big pool" she was content and happy to float around in her lilly pad float.

This year, she is a little more comfortable with the water.

"MOVE MOMMY! I DO IT! I DO IT!" she says.

She can do it all on her own... she thinks.

Friday Caroline enjoyed all of her favorite things... swimming, outside, and candy.

We went to KK and Jay's house to swim in "Jay's pool."

Dad has everything perfectly set up for her.

She has a beach ball.

She has a kick board (That she knows how to use. She figured it out on her own. We were amazed)

She has a noodle.

She has an Ariel that swims all by herself.

The pool is complete with Jay's skimmer and a tarp to keep over it.

Yes, you would think this was a glorious underground pool that Dad puts so much time into.

It's not but Caroline loves it just the same (Dad does too, I think.)

Anyway, KK gave Caroline a candy bracelet.

This is normally where my Dad would cut into the picture and tell Mom not to give her a candy bracelet right then because it would melt in the pool.

Well, Jay wasn't there and Caroline insisted she wear the bracelet in the pool.

Caroline ate the whole thing. I'm sure it was delicious with the yummy pool water.

She then decided to wanted Junior Mints.

Not just one... the WHOLE box!

After much argument, we just let her have the box.

This is where Dad would have had a heart attack.

"UH OH!" Caroline said.

The box was broken and Junior Mints were sinking to the bottom fast.


Caroline stuffed them in her mouth as hard as she could.

She looked at the box, looked at me with a mouth full of mints and said "BROKE!"

All Mom and I could do was laugh.

She probably gained at least 3 pounds from all the candy and pool water she ate.

At least the crazy chick had fun. :-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

20 things you may or may not know about Caroline.

Since this is my 20th post, I decided to make a list of 20 things you may or may not know about Caroline.

1. Her favorite color is blue. If you ask her to tell you what color something is "blue" is always her first answer.

2. She has a hermit crab named Blue. No, I haven't killed him yet.

3. She loves boats.

4. She loves the beach.

5. She loves to talk about fish and eat them... but she will NOT touch them.

6. She will pick up a half eaten mole that the dog has been chewing on.

7. We have realized she will pick up a dead bug but will not touch one that is alive.

8. She loves cucumbers. She will eat a whole one. Her favorite is when we put Italian dressing all over them.

9. She loves tomatoes but really only eats them in the summer.

10. She chick loves fresh peaches. I think she even ate the skin one time because I wasn't cutting fast enough.

11. She wants her Daddy when she goes to sleep.

12. She loves bags... mostly ziplock bags. If she comes to your house, she will ask to take home food in a bag.

13. She loves being outside.

14. She isn't very interested in dogs. She doesn't like them near her.

15. She enjoys Barney... this is really the only thing she will watch.

16. She loves to sing.

17. She loves to read.

18. She wants my pillow and my blanket when she falls asleep because she knows it bothers me.

19. She grits her teeth.

20. She fake cries to get attention.

I could keep going and going. Maybe for my 50th post I will do 50 more things you may or may not know about Caroline.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dress up Friday.

Today was dress up Friday at Caroline's school again.

One more dress up Friday to go after today.

Today's theme: CLOWNS

I dressed Caroline is the best clown outfit I could find.

She wore a blue clown wig that I wore in a dance recital in first grade.

That was 16 years ago (for those of you trying to do the math).

Although the wig was a little on the smashed side, I think my princess looked adorable.

She was very excited about today.

We walked into the two class and only Caroline and one other little boy had dressed up.

The teachers were putting paper hats on the other kids.

It seems like I am the only parent that participates.

Oh well.

Here are pictures of my wild girl.

Sorry about Caroline's silly faces in these pictures. They have been talking about clowns and silly faces at school this week. I guess these are her silly smiles/faces.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little piece of Heaven on Earth.

Honey bun cake.

My friend Diane makes it.

So does Arrin's mom, Ms. Margaret.

I woke up at 3:30 am this morning with Honey Bun cake on the brain.

Here is a temporary recipe until I can get Diane's or Ms. Margaret's.


~ I meant to post this on the Recipe Blog but I will keep it here too. Sorry about a random recipe in the middle of Caroline's blog! :-)

When it isn't a virus... it's just eczema.

Yesterday didn't start off so great for Caroline.

I spent the morning preparing her for what was going to happen at 10 am.

She was going to the doctor.

"NO SHOT!" she said.


I didn't understand what she said.

She aggressively got into my face, pointed at her leg and said again, "NO SHOT!"

Ok, ok. I heard you, crazy lady.

I reassured her there would be no shots given.

I had to take her because her stomach, back, and legs have broken out in some kind of rash.

I was nervous that she was allergic to something, so I took her.

On the way to the doctors office I pointed out the hospital where KK works.

"Look Caroline. That is where KK works with the babies."

"Day Day? Baby?"

"Yep! That's where she helps take care of all the little babies."

2 seconds later we pull into the pediatricians office.

I realized I had confused her.

She now thought we were going to see KK.

"I get out. Day Day. Baby."

I then had to explain AGAIN where we were.

My first obstacle... making it in the building without her freaking out.

We got out of the car as I told her that we were at the doctor.

I told her that she would get stickers.

We made it through the door.


The waiting room wasn't so bad.

She enjoyed the other children, toys, and books.

I only had one heart attack while we waited.

I looked at Caroline and she had a waiting room book in her mouth.

I cringe to even think about what could have been on that thing.

I all but made her vomit trying to wipe the germs away.

"CAROLINE." I don't even know how they pronounced our last name over the loud speaker. Whatever!

I scooped her up.

She told her new friends bye.

We were on our way.

The nurse took us to take Caroline's weight.

She had to stand on the big girl scale.

You would have thought we were asking her to do a back flip.

She refused.

Finally, we got a weight.

As if that wasn't enough for the nurse, we had to take her temperature.


I have come to the conclusion that the best way to take a temperature is an ear thermometer.

I don't care what books, articles, and doctors say. You do what you have to do to get any type of reading on a thermometer with a kicking, screaming two year old wild child.

OH NO! The nurse had to hold it under Caroline's arm.

You would have thought the thermometer was shocking her armpit.

The nurse had crossed into Caroline's box and I saw my child was about to lose it.

She did.

She began to scream.

She turned into a clawing cat that was trying to climb over my shoulder and make a get away.

After they put us in our room, I thought I would be able to calm my crazy child down.

I promised her the world.

I started small of course.

First, I thought she would enjoy petting a dinosaur on the wall. Ok.. NO. Not interested.

Maybe sitting in the doctors chair. Ok... NO. Not interested.

Maybe touching his computer. Ok... NO. Not interested.

Caroline would point to the window and scream, "DADDY! HOME! DADDY! HOME!"

She had obviously thought a lot about ways to get out of that building.

Why is Mommy always the bad one. They always want Daddy to rescue them.

So, what did Mommy do? I started promising the bigger things.

In Caroline's life, stickers can change the world. "Mommy will get you a sticker if you can stop crying." NOPE!

Icees are the new favorite treat in the Lafone home. "Mommy will get you an icee if you can stop crying." I got closer with this one. She said ICEE through her sobs.

Ponies, rainbows, glitter, Fancy Nancy... I tried everything but a brand new BMW when she turned 16.

The cat would not stop crying.

I thought it couldn't get any worse... and then the doctor walked in.

The clawing cat turned into a pig.

Her cries sounded like those of what I imagine a dying, screaming pig to be like.

The doctor was wonderful though.

I guess he is use to it.

Thank goodness we were not in the room long.

The doctor told us the rash was just Caroline's eczema.

All that I had been through... for him to say the word eczema.


I should have known.

I've come to the conclusion that when it isn't a virus... it's eczema.

Just call me Dr. Lafone.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My perfect world.

As parents, we make thousands of mistakes.

We look back and say, "Why the heck did we do that?"

After I had Caroline everyone said, "DON'T ever put her in the bed with you."

Of course, we didn't listen.

For two years, Caroline has slept in the bed with us.

Go ahead. Judge me. I don't care.

It was absolutely wonderful in the beginning.

It was so nice when she wanted to eat every two hours and I didn't even have to get up out of the bed.

It was so nice to have a sweet smelling baby beside me all night.

It was wonderful waking up to her beautiful little face.

She was the best snuggle partner.

Ryan and I both HATE snuggling. However, when it came to sweet, precious Caroline we fought over who got to cuddle with her.

Fast forward... two years.


She kicks.

She whines all night.

She grits her teeth.

She pulls hair.

Did I mention the kicking?

We went from a full size bed to a king about a year and a half ago.

Thank God for king size beds.

Caroline take up 3/4 of it.

You heard me... she is CRAZY.

My sweet, precious, peaceful sleeping Caroline has become a horrible sleeper.

Don't get me wrong, she has ALWAYS hated sleeping.

However, she is BIGGER now and much more difficult to deal with.

Ryan swears he doesn't mind her sleeping in the bed.

This is because she is all over ME.

I sleep on the edge every night.

Do you know that saying... "Sleep with one foot on the floor."

Seriously, I sometimes do.

During my nightime prayers, I have to ask God to help me maintain my balance on the edge of the bed.

Her being in the bed is only one half of the problem.

We have never just laid her down to go to sleep.

Some parents make it look so easy.

They just lay their baby in the crib and the baby drifts off to sleep.

We always hold her or lay with her to get her to sleep.

How nice it would be to simply lay her in her big girl bed, kiss her goodnight, and leave the room.

Only in my perfect world would she actually fall asleep.

Only in my perfect world would she sleep soundly through the night.

Only in my perfect world would I have just put her in her crib like everyone told me to do!

Mary George, CRAZY WILDCHILD and Aunt Anna

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

She's coming and you better watch out!

The BOTTLE FAIRY is coming.

Today, I introduced the bottle fairy.

She is a beautiful fairy that comes and takes all of your bottles to babies all over the world.

You put all of your bottles in a beautiful box and leave it on the front porch. The bottle fairy will come pick them up and leave you a beautiful surprise.

Caroline sat quietly and listened as I explained this beautiful fairy.

I used the word BEAUTIFUL a lot.

She handed me her bottle.

Caroline: "Here go."

Mommy: "No baby. We don't have to give it to her today."

Caroline: "Baby Grey?" Speaking of Baby Greyson (Ry's brother's son)

Mommy: "Sure. The bottle fairy can take your old ba-bas to Grey. Grey is a baby and likes ba-bas."

Caroline: "NO! MINE!"

We have some work to do.

No, I'm not a terrible mother that introduced the bottle fairy today and is planning to take the bottles immediately.

I am going to help Caroline decorate a little bit of her box each day for a week or so.

I think that this is going to get her really interested in the whole fairy thing.

I plan on reading all types of fairy stories.

I could even pull out Caroline's fairy costume from Halloween.

She would love that.

Then in a few weeks, we will leave her bottles outside for the fairy to come pick up.

The bottles have gotten out of hand.

The crazy chick refused to drink her bottle last night (not that I am complaining) because it had milk in it and not V8.

We put V8 in it a few times and she is stuck on it. (Ok, NOW call me a bad mom)

Terrible on the teeth...I know.

Terrible for her stomach... I know.

I have realized that this is a problem.

Therefore, we are going to fix it.

Tonight was much better.

We didn't have to fight her.

She understood when we said NO V8 IN THE BOTTLE.

She drank milk and went right to sleep.

I just wish there was no bottle period.

We will keep you updated on this bottle situation.


Today's book is The Sunsets of Miss Olivia Wiggins by Lester Laminack.

This is a book that Caroline and I read at bedtime.

It is a soft, loving book.

The pictures are absolutely beautiful.

In The Sunsets of Miss Olivia Wiggins Laminack once again visits the theme of close-knit family, this time through the story of Miss Olivia Wiggins, who is in a nursing home. When her daughter and great-grandson Troy come to visit her, the elderly woman acts as if she does not know they are there. However, as Troy begins to hum a tune, Miss Olivia is suddenly flooded by recollections of her children, as well as by other fond memories. "Realistic watercolors flow gently between present and past in this tender depiction of a life well lived," stated Susan Dove Lempke in a review for Booklist.

This is a book you will read over and over again.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New adventure.

As I finish eating my morning bagel and glass of orange juice, I look at the day ahead in fear.

Today is...

ORGANIZATION day in the Lafone house.

You heard me.

Hailey is cleaning today.

I know this comes as a surprise to most of you.

I hate cleaning.

Nothing in my house is organized.

Do I look like a person that organizes her spices? I THINK NOT! We found the black pepper in the refrigerator a few nights ago.

My house is what some would call... chaotic.

VERY chaotic.

So today is the day I am making a difference.

Clothes and shoes are EVERYWHERE!

This "day" may turn into a "week".

We will see.

It is not even 10 am.

Caroline is at school.

Ryan isn't home from work yet.

I have the house all to myself.

I have a mixed CD with everything from Prince to Carrie Underwood.

Let the cleaning and organizing begin!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Photo(s)

This is Caroline.

She is sitting on the steps putting her crocs on her little baby feet.

"Can Mommy help you?"


If I even pretended like I was going to help her she would scream "I DO IT! I DO IT!"



I let her try.

I knew the situation was not going to work out how she was planning.

This is how it ended.

Notice her croc is in her hand.


Mommy saved the day.

I slipped the shoes right on in a matter of seconds.

Caroline stood up with such a proud look on her face.


"Look Mommy! I DO IT!"

I give up!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Terrible twos countdown calculator.


Yep! Google it.

Google terrible twos and this is the third hit you get.


Check it out.

Here are my results:

Caroline was born on July 21, 2006 and is 2 years and 1 months old.

You have 345 days - 9 hours - 43 minutes - and 2 seconds until your child is out of the terrible twos phase.

Let's pray we don't have to deal with the terrible twos for more than 345 days. GEEZ!

Terrible twos vs. Root Canal

Caroline has been in her terrible twos for quite some time now. (Even though she just turned two.)

It has been a roller coaster.

One minute she makes me laugh my head off.

The next, I want to pull my hair out with frustration.

She is what some would call.... a button pusher.

Today has been a day from terrible-two hell! (Excuse the language. No other word fit in that spot. I have debated this statement for 5 minutes... can't find another word... I'm over it and I am going to use the word hell)

I started this blog this morning.

I wrote the first sentence as I was being beat in the head with a pool noodle (you know... the long tube thing kids swim with).

I hit the period button just as Caroline was saying, "GOTTA TEE-TEE!"

We took off to the potty.

She sat there for two seconds and she was up.

I typed another word.

Word finished... "MOMMY! TEE-TEE!!!"

She did this about 6 times before ACTUALLY tee-teeing in the potty.

I was about to LOSE it.

Fast forward 30 minutes... LUNCH TIME.

Caroline requested ABC's 123's.


No cooking involved. Just a little microwave action. My favorite.

By the end of lunch, Caroline was screaming because she wanted to lay on the table... on her belly... and eat out of her bowl like a dog!


Fast forward 45 minutes... NAP TIME.

Thank the good Lord above for naps. (Even if they are a battle)

Caroline decides she would like for me to lay in the bed with her.

She has her bottle (yes, the chick still has a bottle. call me a bad mom... I don't care... this is a whole other blog I will save for later) she has MY pillow and MY blanket. (When you become a mom you don't have anything anymore. Nothing is yours. You just have to get over it.)

She is almost asleep and I am laying very still thanking God for allowing her to fall asleep so easy.

"AMEN," I am thinking.

An awful noise comes from Ryan's side of the bed.

As I finished my prayer, Caroline sat straight up and threw up all over the bed.


She was drinking a bottle?!

Who knows?

I guess she was just too full.

Thank you.

God is testing me today.







Fast forward 30 minutes... the HUSBAND is home.

Caroline is ecstatic to see her daddy.

There is no way this chick is going to lay down and go to sleep now.

Thanks dude.

So much for Caroline napping early.

So much for me cleaning the house.

So much for me having five seconds of Hailey time to catch up on the real world.

Sometimes I think having a root canal would be better than some of my days.

PS- It is now a little after 2pm, my blog is finished, there are clothes in the washer and dryer, dishes in the dishwasher... I am going to pick up toys and then I am going to sit down and do absolutely NOTHING while the husband and wild child sleep. The day is looking up already. :-)