Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tick off Tuesday on Thursday {because I was too lazy to write it earlier}

Dear Brad and Angie {Can I call you that? Can I call you Angie instead of Angelina?},

I have concerns about your children. Namely, Shiloh. Oh how beautiful she is. The cutest lips, the perfect little nose, the cutest blonde hair. My concern? The most recent picture of your child...

Photo courtesy of

It is quite possible that your child may be the next Chastity... turned Chaz... Bono.

The "pageboy hairstyle" aka "bowl cut" isn't so flattering. Shiloh looks like a boy.

This isn't the first time I have noticed the way you dress her. I know that it is absolutely none of my business but I must get my frustrations off of my chest. The way your dress {and now cut Shiloh's hair} ticks me off. Very badly.

I googled a few pictures for proof.

Exhibit A:

Summer wear

Photo courtesy of

Where do I begin? The tie. The shirt that is possibly a hand-me-down from Pax. The wind suit pants that are also possibly a hand-me-down from Pax. The fedora. Really?
The saddest part? Look at her sweet older sister, Zahara, who was walking with her in this picture.

Photo courtesy of InStyle

I would totally wear that dress and I'm 25 24. It is awesome and I love it and I wish they had it in my size. Z was like 3 and made InStyle magazine. Every little girls dream. ;)
This picture proves to me that you know how to dress a girl. So why is Shiloh always dressed like a boy?

Exhibit B: Winter weather wear

Photos courtesy of

The wind suit. The tennis shoes. The monkey ear hat. Really? Really?

Z's winter weather wear?

Photo courtesy JustJared

Bright tights. Cute girly shoes. Cute colorful hat. Awesome black princess coat.

I just don't understand.

Exhibit C: Jolie-Pitt girls minus Vivienne.

Photo courtesy iBabyCouture

You, Angie, know how to dress. Minus the tattoos you are probably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You say that Shiloh is a "tomboy". I call dressing like a "tomboy", wearing boyfriend jeans and your hair in a ponytail. Actually taking on the role of the "boy" part of the word "tomboy" is a bit extreme.

Dress that sweet baby in girl clothing. Please. I beg you. You are both beautiful people and your children are beautiful too. It is just sad that I am secretly thinking about what name Shiloh will choose in her later years. My bet is she will go for "Shi" because "loh" sounds too girly. You never know, she may throw a "z" on the end and make it "Shiz". "Shiz Jolie-Pitt".


Very concerned,
Your biggest fan and supporter... Hailey {just Hailey. No "z". No boy clothes. Just Hailey.}


Anonymous said... seriously on the floor about to die right now. You are SO right and I never noticed it until now. Well, mainly because I haven't seen any recent pictures of Shiloh. She is so beautiful, why in the world are they dressing her like a dern BOY?! I hope she isn't another "Chaz" either... I love your spin on her name though- SHIZ! You are freakin' hilarious Hailey LaFone.

Diana said...

Girl, you crack me up!

Jamie said...

OH DEAR LORD! That is pretty bad! And I put Hayden in all pink with a F'in bow and people still call her a boy WTH?!

Kari said...

That is awful! But, you are hilarious, my friend. HILARIOUS. Maybe they will take your advice. Seriously, bc they NEED to.

Dana said...

Hailey, I have never noticed this until you decided to bring it to my attention, she looks just like a boy! Scary, Zahara looks beautiful though!!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh! That IS frightening. You should mail the letter. Fax it. Email it. Something must be done!

Jess said...

This is too funny! I've never seen any of these pictures... So hard to wrap my head around dressing such a beautiful little GIRL in boys clothes!

Anonymous said...

p.s. the monkey ear hat is incredibly adorable.

Anonymous said...

i think you are completely wrong. you can see that z has to pull the strap on her dress up in the "summer wear" picture, shiloh might find that annoying and uncomfortable. i certainly did as a kid. does this mean that just because she's a girl she's not allowed to like to play sports either?
and only wearing boyfriend jeans doesn't come near to tomboy. i wear jeans a t-shirt and a sweater with sneakers every day am i less of a girl because i like to be comfortable? i didn't change my name or anything either. i think you are awfully close-minded.