Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh Christmas TREES

This year, I was so excited about decorating for Christmas.

I had tons of cute little items to sit around.  We were actually in a house and not a 2 bedroom apartment that came straight from 1962... yellow kitchen applicances and all.
I decided to do three trees this year.

The family tree...

We decided on a top hat as our tree topper this year.  Ryan wasn't very fond of it at first.  However, it is too cute for words and I had to have it.


Bug's tree...

I am a huge fan of white trees with multicolored lights.  It makes me super happy.


This is Big's tree...

Big's tree is a little sad with no tree skirt.  I can't find one that I love.  Until I do, her tree will be skirtless.  Big decided she wanted the green tree this year.  She said she wanted white and pink lights.  Well, I made it work.  Ha!


I guess you can count the ficus tree as a Christmas tree as well...

Please ignore the paper whites that have fallen over.  I have done everything I know to do to keep them standing.  They are just too damn top heavy.


I don't know about you but glitter is my weakness... especially at Christmas time.  LOVE it!  I found this awesome glitter present at the pottery. What made it even better???  It's harlequin.  My two favorite things rolled into one.

I have had a few comments on my chalkboard.  "Happy Birthday!" ~Frosty

People read it as "Happy Birthday Frosty!"

Have you never seen the movie Frosty the Snowman.  He yells HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the cutest way EVER!

Caroline made the cute Santa Christmas tree topper.  She decided to put it on the rooster head for laughs.


I have no great way to display Christmas cards.  I decorated this table with Christmas decor and threw the cards in a green wire bread basket.  I tied a few red bows with grosgrain ribbon and voila!  It's the best I can do this year.  My goal before next year to is make a board like Megan did.  So cute!!


I had TONS of ornaments left over this year since we bought all new ornaments for the "family tree".  We wanted everything on that tree to match this year.  Anyway, I grabbed the triffle dish that I "borrowed" from my Mom and threw a bunch of ornaments in there.  Add a little houndstooth ribbon to the base and voila!!

MacKenzie-Childs catalog beside it.  I look through that thing a million times a day... seriously.  One day (in my dreams) I will own whole collections of MacKenzie-Childs.

A girl can dream right?


So there you have it.  My decorations in a few photos.  I have so many ideas for next year, I can hardly stand it.

From our family to yours

Big THANK YOU to Megan Wade for taking the BEAUTIFUL picture of my girls.  You are awesome!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


stomach bug got the girls.

have been up to my knees in vomit.

will finish christmas posts soon.

finishing laundry... dishes... edits... mopping... disinfecting... blahblahblah!

peace&love. -H

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Caroline got in the car the other day.

I always ask her how her day was and what she learned.

"Mom! We learned about Hanukkah!"

"Wow! That is cool! What did you learn about Hanukkah."

She went on and on about the Menorah, the Star of David, a dreidel, and potato latkes she colored in a mini Hanukkah Booklet. "Those are just potato pancakes, Mom" she said.

I was smiling and it made my heart happy. I love that Caroline is learning about many different cultures and their holiday celebrations. Then it came...

"And they get presents for EIGHT days, Mom! EIGHT DAYS! But they only get one present a day. But that is still cool. EIGHT DAYS OF PRESENTS!!! Do we celebrate Hanukkah Mom?"

"No babe. We celebrate Christmas. We are Christian and we are celebrating Jesus' birthday. The Jewish celebrate Hanukkah."

"Oh. So we are not Jewish?"


"Dag. I want to be Jewish."

I just giggled.

Christmas is upon us

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here!

I am nowhere near done with shopping for gifts. Then again, I ALWAYS wait until the last minute.

My house is slowly coming together with Christmas decorations. I wish I could leave them up all year. They make the house seem so warm and cozy.

I added two Christmas paintings to my collection.

Meet Mr. Santa Frog.

It is actually Lisa's vertical jumping frog with a Santa hat, belt, and boots.

Love him!

I also have this painting in the hall bathroom/girls bathroom.

It is by far one of my favorite paintings I've ever done.

I also have this cuties on the counter...

I love glitter.

Most of the time I go totally overboard with glitter.

Speaking of, my wreath on the front door is very glittery!

Yuck! I just noticed how smushed my bow looks. Oh well. I am too lazy to go out, fix it and take another picture.

Anyway, don't you love how it is complete with red glitter door hanger.

Here is a glittery close-up shot.

I could tell you that I made this.

I would totally be lying though. I am definitely not that creative and talented.

Speaking of creative and talented, I had an old smushed green wreath in my Christmas boxes.

With a little ribbon, it now completes the chest in my den.

Look at the bow! I am normally terrible at tying bows but this one turned out pretty good. I couldn't believe it.

A pretty perfect bow. Maybe I am a little talented.

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart!

Tomorrow, I will share our Christmas trees. Yes, that is plural.