Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stupid Elf.

Thanksgiving has come and gone.

Nana cooked a slammin' feast once again.

Now, Christmas is upon us.

Jack, the elf, is back.

Beau's response?  "I thought they had outgrown that thing."  Ummm, they are 6 & 8 NOT 16 & 18.  Geez.

These past two years I have fallen short with Jack's silly antics.

One year he did all kinds of cool stuff.  He made it snow.... he painted the girls noses red like Rudolph... he even married Barbie.

Last year, I was tired.  It was so much planning and I just wasn't up to it again last year.

I decided to just move him from place to place every night instead of all of these magical events.

And so the tradition of laziness continues this year.  Why do I feel guilty for that?

Stupid Facebook is why.

Stupid facebook is all... "Look what my elf did last night.  He made a WHOLE breakfast and decorated the table in beautiful Christmas china."

2 years ago, I will admit, I was that mom too.  I was that mom that was like, "Look at how cool my elf is."

Now, my elf is a... dud.

My elf is a dud and I feel guilty.

To make matters worse, the other night I finally sat down to relax for a second.  I flipped open Big's laptop.  This was her background...

Obviously, I laughed out loud.  I mean, that is hilarious.

(PS- She googles so she must have found the picture on google.)

Then it hit me.  This is a cry for help.  My kids need an elf that does fun/stupid stuff.  My kids want their elf to fly on the fan, turn the milk red... or hell, poop on a cookie.

So, tonight I prepare for the next 25 days.  My elf will be going nuts.  Jack is about to get crazy.  I just hope I am prepared for all of this.

And if you are wondering, NO I am not posting his shenanigans on Facebook.

But... I will post pictures here if you would like.