Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wish me luck.


5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a giveaway.

Since I've had such a lucky streak... I entered.

This post allows another entry.

Erica gets to drive the new Volkswagen Routan for a week.

She will post on all the features and coolness of this minivan including the touch screen navigation system, heatable seats, power-folding third row seats, keyless entry with remote start and rearview camera. Honestly... I can't believe I just used the words minivan and coolness in the same sentence. Forgive me.

A $50.00 gas card and fun Volkswagen Routan prize package including the book, Welcome to Your World, Baby, authored by Brooke Shields, Volkswagen T-shirts, a Volkswagen branded tin and a couple of mom essentials are up for grabs.

Go over to 5 Minutes 4 Mom for your chance to win too!

You can also use the Routan BabyMaker 3000. Use you and your hubs pictures to make a crazy looking baby like this.

SCARY I know.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This post is everywhere.

Turnip top Emma.

This is Emma Bug with her way too cute Kate's Moss hat.

I have better pictures coming. I have a cute idea. I just haven't had time to take them yet.

Caroline look at Mom.

Hey Caroline. Look! Let Mommy take your picture.


AND she hits a tree.



Typical Caroline... not looking at the camera EVER!


And last...

I have had a lucky streak lately.

First I won this.

It is a Dirt Devil Kwik.

Super cute huh?

Then I won this.

This is a Belle Baby Carrier that I won from Celebrity Baby Clothes.

They sent me the Orange Blossom pattern and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

It is super lightweight and soft.

AND Jessica Alba and Julia Roberts have one.

That is NOT all.

Today I won the daily giveaway at BabyLegs.

I got to pick one pair of BabyLegs as my prize.

I chose this pink and brown pair.

They look pink and black (I don't know why) but they are pink and brown.

I am so excited to get them.

BabyLegs are the only thing Emma wears these days.

They are so much easier to deal with than pants.

AND they are much cuter.

That's it.

That's all.

I'll post again tomorrow.

PS- Please keep Baby Stellan in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Letter to Caroline- Month 29.

Sweet Caroline,

It has been a fun month. We are both still getting use to the changes in our house. Having a baby sister has been fun for you but I think it has been difficult too. There are times that you hit, push, pinch or bite Emma. Sometimes I think that you just don't know how to handle the big changes in your life. Everything happened so quickly that it was difficult for you to adjust. When I hold Emma, you either go nuts hitting her or you demand to hold her. Demanding to hold her is your way of getting her out of my arms. You are smart. Sometimes too smart for you on good.

Your concept of numbers has increased this month. One day we sat down together on the floor. You looked at your Daddy and said, "Two girls. One, two. Two girls." I was amazed. It is funny how fast you learn.

You like to distinguish between boys and girls. "Daddy, boy. Mommy, girl. Caroline, girl. Emma, girl." The list goes on and on and on. You would continue forever with the boy/girl thing.

Christmas was extra fun this year. You sang Christmas songs and looked forward to Christmas all month. You were nervous about Santa being around though. Most children cry for Santa to come. You however, cried when I said Santa was coming. I think you thought Santa would come and get you. Therefore, I used this against you. You may need therapy for that and I am sorry. You would start acting wild and I would say Santa was coming. You would straighten up very quickly and begin to worry about where he was and worry that he really was going to get you.

You woke up on Christmas morning full of excitement but worried that Santa was still there. We all walked downstairs. I thought you would run to your car, bike, scooter, tent, games, books, etc. Instead, you were very reserved. Your feelings stayed inside. You were too cute though. You had on your pink snowman PJ pants and your hair was a beautiful mess.

Thank you Carolina for making our life so fun. Everyday is a new adventure. We enjoy every moment. Stay sweet and know that we love you more than you will ever know. Know that you are a wonderful big sister (when you want to be) and that Emma loves you too.

I love you,


PS- You grew a lot this month. Slow down. Don't get too grown-up on us. :-)

Letter to Emma- Month Three.

Eyes so blue,

Smile so bright,

You laughed out loud

For the first time Saturday night.

Three months old,

Six weeks you are suppose to be,

You smile whenever Mommy or Daddy speak,

You make having an infant easy.

That's you eating cereal,

You loved it so much,

You ate out of a spoon,

However Dr. P says no spoon can you touch.

Mommy has never listened

to what the doctors say,

I feed you what I want

You like it that way.

You sleep really well,

You're a happy baby.

You might be a little scared of Caroline,

Just maybe.

So little yet getting so big,

Kiss and hug,

Hold and love,

You are our sweet little Emma Bug.

Emma Bug.

Emma- 3 months and 3 days old

I have had a lot of people say how much they love the picture of Emma with my ring on her hand.

Since we got a super cool new camera for Christmas (Thanks Mom and Dad) I decided to play around with it and try to get another good one.


Not Me! Monday.

It is that time again. Time for Not Me Monday, hosted by MckMama. She will not be posting this week. Stellan is sick and his tests just came back positive for RSV. Pray that their stay in the hospital is short and he gets well very soon.

I did not get VERY happy to discover that Caroline's new favorite movie is Madeline. Barney hasn't been watched in this house for two whole days. It is so nice.

I did not have a wonderful Christmas.

Caroline did not get everything and then more.

She did not get a scooter, bike, tent (aka playhouse), ball pit, PowerWheels pink Mini Cooper... the list goes on and on.

I did not laugh a little when my friend sat here and watched Caroline have a nervous breakdown. I did not laugh even harder when she turned to me and said in a very serious way... "Hailey. She may need therapy." "WAIT. Just WAIT until you have children girlfriend. What Caroline is doing is totally normal for a two year old"... that was my response.

I did not get really excited when I opened Emma's Zooni Kate's Moss hat on Christmas morning. I totally forgot that I told my Mom that was one of the things I wanted for her. (WAY TOO CUTE PICTURES ARE COMING in a later post.)

I did not laugh out loud when the hubs told me he wanted me to get something from Bed Bath and Beyond with the Christmas money he gave me. Bed Bath and Beyond? When I asked him what he wanted me to buy at Bed Bath and Beyond... he said, "Something that makes you smell good." Number one, he meant Bath and Body Works. Number two, I thought OUT LOUD... "Well damn dang. I didn't know I didn't smell good. Ass Jerk." I had verbal diarrhea suddenly... and on Christmas Eve... in the middle of the mall. Geez.

I did not go to Target and see this. I did not open it up right there in the store and spray it. It did not smell absolutely wonderful. I did not say out loud by myself, "MAN! THAT smells awesome. I'm buying it." I did not secretly hope no one heard me. It is never good when you are caught talking to yourself in public.

I am not going to write a whole post on the magnificent Christmas gifts I received this year. I would never do such a thing. I would never show off all my awesomeness. However, this was probably the best Christmas ever. Let's just say on top of all my great gifts... I got four pair of shoes.

I did not get excited about my new Uggs. Out of style... I know. Comfortable... YES! Now I have clean ones that don't smell like dog. PS- NO we don't have a dog. AND... the wonderful hubs bought them for me.

I did not almost die from laughing when I was at my Mom's house one day this week ( I don't remember what day exactly). Mom asked Dad to bring her the clothes out of the dryer so that she could fold them. I was laying on the floor in Anna's lap and she was plucking my out of control eyebrows. Dad walks in holding a pile of clothes in one hand and with the other hand... his finger was holding a pair of thongs. He very seriously says, "WHAT are THESE?" We all almost died. It was hilarious. Anna then very calm said, "They're my thongs Dad GEEZ!" Talking about thongs with your Dad is always fun and a comfortable conversation to have.

That's it. I don't have much this week, I know. Next week will be a doozie I'm sure though.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. We sure did.

I am still writing Caroline and Emma's letters this month. Sorry they are so late. I will hopefully have them posted by Wednesday.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

NC Weather SUCKS!

I had a moment to share the weather here in Eastern North Carolina with yall.

I couldn't help myself.





Wind: S 15 mph
Max. Humidity: 71%
UV Index: 2 Low

Sunrise: 7:18 AM ET
Avg. High: 55°F
Record High: 78°F (1931)


It is CHRISTMAS EVE and it is going to be 70 degrees.

You have GOT to be kidding me!

I am so angry.

So much for a white Christmas huh?

NEVER a white Christmas in NC.

Oh well.

Merry Christmas!

Short Bloggy Break

Merry Christmas all you bloggy friends out there.

The next few days are going to be super busy so I will be back on Friday with pictures and posts. I am sure Caroline will do lots between now and then. I am sure I will have LOADS of things to blog about.

I am also aware that I haven't posted Caroline's monthly letter. I am still in the process of writing it. Then I will have Emma's to write. They are coming though... I promise.

Again, have a VERY Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You might have been raised Southern Baptist...

You might have been raised Southern Baptist when...

your two year old stands on the kitchen table and sings "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow".

You might have been raised Southern Baptist when...

your two year old sings the Gloria patri aka Glory Be to the Father and insists that you stand to sing.

You might have been raised Southern Baptist when...

your two year old enjoys yelling AMEN!

You might have been raised Southern Baptist when...

your two year old likes her hymns one way... LOUD!


Here are a few of my favorites I found in an e-mail...

You might be a Southern Baptist when...

- You think God's presence is strongest on the back three pews.

- You think "Amazing Grace" is the national anthem.

- Your definition of fellowship has something to do with food.

- You ever wake up in the middle of the night craving fried chicken and interpret that feeling as a call to preach.

- You believe that you are supposed to take a covered dish to heaven.

- You have never sung the third verse of any hymn.

- You clapped in church and felt guilty about it all week.


Hope you got as tickled as I did.

Christmas is right around the corner.

Are you finished shopping?

We aren't.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday.

I did not find a whole load of clothes under the bathroom cabinet downstairs. That is definitely NOT my hiding place for stray clothes when I have surprise guests.

I did not cook cake balls twice this week. Thanks Kelly. Wonderful recipe.

I did not eat so many that I feel as if I have gained 25,000 pounds.

I did not jump on the couch and pretend to dance like Beyonce AGAIN. This song makes me break out in random dance moves every time!!

I did not almost pee my pants when flipping through the guide on TV. I came to ESPNHD and saw this... "NBA Sh'taround". I laughed a little... out loud.

I did not loose my breath when I saw these at Nordstrom. I heard the hubs sigh of relief when the only two pair they had were not Caroline OR Emma's size. Hello! Cuteness!

I did not come home and start searching eBay for the jeans.

I did not roll my eyes at a crazy lady that was in the mall talking really loud. This is what she said... "I am SO against reading. You KNOW that I DON'T read." What the H? Who doesn't read? I would love to see how her children turn out. I bet they will be smart ones. We don't go a day without reading in this house. I love it. I love reading adult books, children's books... whatever I can get my hands on. I might not do organic foods and clothes or make my on baby food... but I read.

I did not return e-mails and respond to comments on my crappy cellphone on the way to shop. It really passed the time quickly.

I did not think about this post all week.

I did not catch myself more than once this week... blogging in my head. I mean, come on, be serious!

I did not drink one of these for the first time this week. Where have I been? On another planet? It was like drinking a piece of Heaven. I'm not even kidding. That first sip was the most delicious taste I've ever tasted. I would give my right arm to have one right now as a matter of fact. Sad... I know.

I did not drink a grande salted caramel hot chocolate EVEN after reading the nutritional facts. The sad thing is... I read the nutritional facts about the tall not the grande. However, as I was drinking the grande, I thought about the nutritional facts of the tall NOT the grande. (When I reread this... it was confusing. Geez Hailey!)

I did not think about getting a venti. That would be WAY to many calories to even THINK about.

I did not wonder why there wasn't like a double venti. That... would be... the... BOMB!

I did not just use the word BOMB. That is so 1994.

Check out Mckmama. She does super cool things like eat organic, make baby food, and start things like Not Me! Monday. Thanks MckMama!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A post about Jesus, ball and pictures.

Me: "Caroline, you are being very ugly today. Santa and Baby Jesus are crying. They are sad that you are not being a nice little girl."

Caroline: Long pause as if she is really thinking about this situation. "Baby Jesus crying?"

Me: "Yep."

Caroline: Walks over to Emma who is sleeping. Sits down next to her and begins stroking her head. "It's ok Baby Jesus. No cry. It's ok."

For the next 30 minutes, Emma was baby Jesus. Any sound that she made, Caroline would run over to her and call her Baby Jesus and tell her it was ok.
In my mind I said I would never do this.

I said that I would never talk about sports.

But I am.

Feel free to skip ahead.

The hubs loves Carolina basketball.

I will not go into detail about his obsession.

It isn't too terrible.

A little freakish sometimes though.


Caroline's middle name is Tyler.

Guess who she is named after?


Tyler Hansbrough.

Feel free to vomit now.

So last night Tyler broke a record.

He is now the all-time leading scorer in the history of the UNC basketball program.

He currently has 2301 points.

Now if only Psycho T could beat Mr. JJ Redick who holds the all-time ACC scoring record of 2769. GROSS.

As you may or may not know, JJ played for Duke.

If you don't know about the rivalry between Carolina and Duke you haven't been living on planet Earth.

Anyway... I was somewhat excited when hearing the news this morning so I thought I would share.
PS- I sounded really smart in the above rant didn't I? I totally googled a lot of it. Ha!

PPS- We also call Caroline, Carolina from time to time. That was part of the reason in choosing her name as Caroline. I loved the name AND we knew we could call her Carolina. Ryan loved the name Tyler for apparent reasons and I ended up liking it too. We decided to use it for a boy or girl. When we found out Caroline was a girl we decided on Tyler as the middle name. So there you go. A little trivia about Caroline's name.

Wendi... I have a feeling you are grossed out. If you aren't, I'm pretty sure the boys in your house would totally be grossed out (I do believe that your son went to a certain basketball camp at a certain DODO college... am I right?). Please share this with them. We should get together February 11th and watch my Heels blow your Dookies out of the water on YOUR court. :-) Only kidding... only kidding. Because on March 8th the Dookies could possibly beat us on our court. That would suck. ANYWAY!

Also Wendi... we thought about the name Cameron for Emma. Then we really thought about it. The hubs just couldn't like that name. I think every time that he said it he thought of Duke. :-)

I had my Mom's camera so I snapped some new pictures of the girls.

Caroline and Jay

Emma Bug... wide eyed and bushy tailed. Cute little thing!

Caroline and Emma... Caroline loves to hold her. She tells me to move. She feels as if she doesn't need any help.

Caroline in the Christmas play and church. Her line was, "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!" and yes... she said it. Ever so lightly but she said it and we were super proud!

Caroline and Anna

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Me: "Caroline, we are going to see Dr. P today."

Caroline: "NO SHOT! NO SHOT! NO SHOT!"

Me: "Nope! You aren't getting a shot. We have to take Emma to get a shot."

Caroline: "Me go. Me see Emma-Bug get shot. Me see Emma-Bug cry. Me kiss Emma-Bug. (In a high sweet voice pretending to talk to Emma as she pretends to rub her head) It's ok Emma-Bug. It's ok."

Then she laughs... for like 5 minutes.

Who gets excited about seeing someone get a shot?


That's who.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am an enabler.

I am enabling my child.

Enabling her to be a stalker.

A stalker at the age of 2.

Let me explain.

Caroline is in love with Ben.

She met him a church.

Everyday, Ryan and I have to listen to her talk about Ben.

She draws him pictures.

She calls him on the phone (pretend...of course).

She insists on riding by his house.


We have done this three times.


In one week.

What the crap am I thinking?

So here is a letter to Ben's mom.

Dear Ben's Mom,

I know you are very busy and probably will never notice (Well hopefully you will never notice). However, if you happen to look out of your window one day and see my SUV parked out front.... have no fear. I am not planning on taking anything and I'm not spying on you. My two year old simply wants to see your son's house. Your cute yellow house. So, please don't call the cops on the crazy mom with a bun on the top of her head that is parked outside of your house in a dirty SUV. Ignore the little blonde pigtailed freak in the back with her window rolled down yelling your son's name. This is a phase in her two year old life. This is a phase that will soon pass just as other phases have passed. Just pray that it passes quickly because it is a little strange, I know.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this issue.

An Enabler Mom

PS- Could you please explain to your neighbors our issue at hand? I would hate to be known as a crazy person that parks in front of cute houses in a cute neighborhood. Thank you again.

I would post pictures.

Super cute pictures.

I can't.

Because I still can't find my camera.

Ryan says that I have lost it on purpose.

Who would lose their camera on purpose?

Especially with pictures that haven't been uploaded on it.


Maybe I'll find it soon.

I did find my remote that had been gone for four days while looking for the camera.

Just picture the things I am blogging about in your mind.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday.


Caroline did not throw up her medicine... twice in one day.

I did not gag A LOT while cleaning it up.

It did not make it under the bed so that the box springs got soaked with extra yummy vomit. AND on the carpet that we just had cleaned about a month ago. All because her medicine made her gag.

I did not decide that Thanksgiving and Christmas put a damper on trying to lose weight.

I did not hide the opened cookie dough so that my wild child and husband wouldn't see that I was eating it. You might be a fat kid when...

I did not use a tampon to put eye shadow on because I lost my eye brush.

I did not walk out of the doctors office with my dress stuck in my tights exposing my whole butt. Thank goodness I had a coat on. Only the people in the parking lot saw it when I ripped my coat off before I got in the car. I was assuming they were staring because of the "hotness" they had just witnessed only then realizing it was my exposed butt they were staring at.

I did not go shopping alone after my doctors appointment.

I did not get a coffee and cruise around Target.

I did not enjoy it WAY too much and take my sweet time.

I did not buy Caroline and Emma lots of goodies.

I did not forget Not Me Monday. I don't ever forget anything.

Join in on the Not Me Monday fun. Go check out MckMama. She is also doing an awesome raffle/giveaway.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Real names.

Caroline: "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY! MOMMY!!! Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY! MOMMY!!! Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY! MOMMY!!! Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY! MOMMY!!!"

After answering her the first 1,574,865 times I stopped answering her. She had NOTHING to say.

Caroline: "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY! MOMMY!!! Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY! MOMMY!!! Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY! MOMMY!!! Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY! MOMMY!!!"

Me: "My name is not Mommy."

Caroline: Grabs my face and turns my head toward her. "Ok, HAILEY!!! HAILEY! HAILEY! Hailey! Hailey!! HAILEYYYYYY!"

Dang. I forgot she knew my name.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday.

It is that time again.

Not Me Monday time.

Thanks to MckMama for starting this crazy chaos that I am totally addicted too.

I did not lose my camera.

I did not/am not freaking out a little.

I did not make candy and cupcakes this week.

I did not cry a little every time Caroline kicked, pulled, pushed, hit... my Christmas tree.

I did not tell her that Santa was "sssssssssoooooooooooo NOT coming!"

I did not laugh a little behind her back when she kicked it again anyway.

I did not clean my house this week only to find that at the end of the day it looks like hell.

I did not tell the hubs that I am NOT cleaning anymore. He did not respond with "So! You don't clean anyway." I did not respond with a bunch of ugly words that I don't think I should repeat here.

I did not wash and fold 3 loads of clothes today. NOPE! Not me because I'm totally on strike. (Maybe one day)

I did not choose to catch up on my DVRed shows instead of blogging this week.

I did not freak out a little when I realized my DVR was full and did not fully record Dirty Sexy Money.

I did not watch Chelsea Lately almost every night this week.

I did not laugh so hard one night that I peed my pants a little.

I did not laugh so hard at this commercial that I peed my pants again. Check out the little girl's face at 20 seconds when her dad says he catches her on the net at 2am. HAHAHA! Thanks Mom and Anna for telling me about this commercial. It just made my day!


Join in on all this not me fun!

Check out MckMama and the rules.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Supine Sunday Snidbits.

Another lazy weekend at the Lafone home.


We went to the doctor this week.

Emma went for a two month well baby visit.

She was 7 lbs. 2 oz. WHOOP WHOOP!

She is 20 inches long.

She got 3 shots and was given a medicine by mouth.

She loved it... the medicine I mean.

NOT the shots.


Caroline went with us.

She had an infection in a bump on her back.

Dr. P stuck a needle in and squeezed.

She screamed.

She kicked.

She almost made herself vomit.

Did I mention she kicked Dr. P?

Fun times.


Caroline is now on an antibiotic.

She hates it.

I have to practically lay on top of her and hold her down to get her to take it.

"It tastes like candy!"

She could care less.

She knows I'm lying.

"Ok Caroline, come try this new purple candy I found you"


Doesn't fall for it.

I tried putting it in her Sprite.

She spit it out.

It is going to be a wonderful 10 days.

These 10 days may add a few more gray hairs to my head.

Thanks Dr. P.


The hubs grilled a boston butt.

No, it is not an actual butt.

And it was delicious!


I made the Neely's BBQ sauce.

Caroline helped.

It was so very good.

I decided that next time, I will add a little cracked red pepper.

It was YUM-O!


Caroline has succeeded in pulling most of the lights off of the tree.

The ornaments have been moved to the top of the tree.


That is it.

I am over it.

I will be back tomorrow with Not Me! Monday. Ok?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



It can be describe with one word.


Well, until about 4:00 pm EST.

Caroline decided to come to our bed last night.

Therefore, I slept GREAT!


Emma decided to get up about 6 to eat.

I figured she would at and sleep until about 9.

I thought wrong.

I was up at 7:30ish.

It was ok though. I watched Britney on GMA.

Caroline woke up.

We cooked sausage.

She threw the phone against the wall at least 4 times.

She jumped in the chair.

She pulled what few lights I had on my Christmas tree... OFF of the Christmas tree.

I totally told her that Santa was taking the tree back.

And she wouldn't get presents if there was no tree.

Didn't work.

We watched Barney about 500 times.

Not even kidding you.

And to top it all off... guess what?

Wild child did not nap.


Didn't nap.

Fun times.

I made her lay down in the chair and rest.

Fast forward to 4:00.

Ryan walks in.

"DADDY! Me watch Barney ALL DAY!"

He looked at her like be serious.

He looked at me like be serious.


We did things.



We cooked breakfast.

She watched Barney.

We cooked lunch.

She watched Barney.

We colored.

She watched Barney.

We did Christmas crafts.

She watched Barney.

She jumped on the chair... while watching Barney.

She threw the phone... while watching Barney.

She hit the TV... because she was excited about Barney.

She ripped my lights off of the tree.

Did I mention that she watched Barney?

Anyway, guess what?

She jumped in her Daddy's lap.

She laid her head on his shoulder.

And then she did it.

Do you think she went to sleep?


She didn't.

She said, "Me tired Daddy."


She didn't go to sleep.

What do I need to do?

How do I make her sleep?

How do I lay her in her bed and she just fall asleep?


I am open to any suggestions you may have.


100th post... about nothing special.

This is my 100th post.

I have something to tell you.

A secret of sorts.

Today is a special day.

Today is a day that will be celebrated all over the world.

I have been looking forward to this day for weeks.

What is today you ask?

It is someones birthday.

Whose could it be?

Here is a hint... In high school, I was dancing around my room in a shirt (long enough to be a short dress), thongs, and boots.

I was dancing hardcore. I got sweaty. I got stuck in my boots. Yes, you read that right. STUCK IN MY BOOTS. They wouldn't come off. All because of HER and HER awesome music and awesome dance skills I was trying to copy.

Have you figured it out yet?

Britney Spears!

Here is where the secret comes in.

After all these years... I still love Britney Spears.

There I said it. Feel free to hate me. Feel free to stop reading my blog now.

She is still one of my favorite celebrities.

Even after she did this...

and this...

and don't forget the famous crotch shot that was taken about 2.6 seconds after this picture...

and remember when this happened...

The girl is still awesome in my book.

I still enjoy her music and dancing.

I'd get stuck in my boots any day if it meant I could dance like her.

If you dislike her... fine.

Give the girl a chance though.

Watch Britney: For the Record on MTV. It might change your mind about her. Here is a preview.

Go ahead.

Watch it.

You KNOW you want to.

Don't hate.

Honest. I cried a little. Just being honest.

Ok. Feel free to go throw up now.

My tribute to Britney is done.



Interesting news.

I got lights on Caroline's tree today.

It is even decorated.


Here is a sneak peak.

Her decorations look adorable this year with her new white tree. I also used colored lights instead of white.


As for my tree.

It has made my house smell wonderful!

I started putting lights on it tonight.

I have made it halfway up the tree.

I have no more lights.

The hubs has to get me more.

There are 600 on there now.

I'm shooting for 900-1000.

We shall see.

Lights are my thing.

They are my favorite part of decorating a tree.

I don't even mind putting them on the tree... as long as someone else will take the off for me.


I'm glad I got my secret obsession for Britney off of my chest.

Thanks for listening.

I promise I will never put you through that again.

I just had to send my homegirl a birthday shout out.

I'll be back tomorrow with something more interesting to read.

I will also post pictures of the trees as soon as they are done.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hailey and the two dwarfs... Crazy and Sleepy.

Me: "Caroline. Lexi wants a baby brother or sister."

Caroline: "Lexi? Brother?"

Me: "Maybe."

Caroline: "Me go to store and buy Lexi brother." Gets up, grabs her pocketbook and walks to the door with my keys.

Caroline: "Me drive your car."

Conversation ended. If only it were that easy to have a baby.
Meet the dog that comes to visit Caroline.

He belongs to our neighbor two houses over.

We don't know his name so I asked Caroline what we should name him.

Me: "Should we name him Spot?"

No answer.

Me: "Should we name him Ugly?" He is not an attractive dog.

No answer.

Me: "Caroline, what should we name him?"

Caroline: "B-I-N-G-O." She said this while watching Barney never once looking at me or the dog.

Me: "B-I-N-G-O? That's his name?"

Caroline: "Aye." That is her "yes". She doesn't say yes... she never has?!

Then she was caught feeding him chocolate cookies. They haven't killed him yet. That will be fun to explain to the neighbors though. "B-I-N-G-O was fed one to many chocolate cookies. Sorry." That will go over well I'm sure.
I had 2 loads of clothes to fold and I didn't think my nerves could handle Caroline helping me (she likes to throw the clothes everywhere) so...

Me: "Caroline, stay in your room and watch Barney. I am going to go fold clothes and talk to Daddy about Christmas."

Caroline: "Me talk to Daddy."

She runs out of her room. I stay in her room to see what she is going to say.

Caroline: "Hey Daddy. Me want "rella" shirt (Cinderella). Purple playhouse. Me want Santa. Me want Christmas. Daddy go store and buy dat. Ok? Ok!" She was talking at 200 mph so I didn't catch EVERYTHING. Not to mention the lip smacking thing she does while she talks.

I'm so over him.


All day.

It is on my TV.


You try to talk to or touch her while watching Barney and she goes nuts.

Caroline: "Me not have boobies." Looking down her shirt.

Me: "Yes you do Caroline. They are just small."

Caroline: "No! Me not have boobies."

She turns to Ryan. "Daddy go buy me boobies."

Instead of a college fund, we will have to start a boob job fund.
Caroline: "Mommy. My hair beautiful?"

Me: "Yes, Caroline. It is beautiful."

Caroline: "Mommy. Take my picture."

So I did.

Here it is.

See, I told you it was beautiful.
Me: Holding one of Caroline's dolls... "That is a strange looking baby doll."

Caroline: "MINE!" She snatches the doll out of my hand.

Caroline: "My baby dog."

Me: "Caroline, it is baby DOLL not baby DOG."


Me: "No. Baby doll."

Caroline: "NNNNNNNO! BABY DOG!""

We do this for what seems like an hour.

Finally I just said whatever and gave up.

She still calls it a baby dog.
If only you were a fly on the wall in our house.

You would hear some crazy stuff.

Fun times.

And all the while... Miss. Emma just lays there and sleeps.

Not Me! Monday.

I did not almost lose it when Caroline brought me her pull-up right before bedtime...full of poop.

I did not laugh a little when I saw a trail of poop from her room to mine.

I did not eat WAY to much on Thanksgiving.

I did not throw up in my mouth a little bit when one of my older aunts (really my great, great aunt... but who's counting?) acted as if she was choking and starting making a weird noise in her throat. I hate weird throat noises. I cannot even describe to you what it does to me. I can't even listen to Ryan brush his teeth. I gag.

My sister did not gag a little too when I told her the story. She didn't even hear/see it happen.

I did not just throw up in my mouth again just thinking about it.

I did not start writing my Not Me's on Friday so I wouldn't forget them.

I did not decide I was going to put my Christmas trees up Friday.

I did not get busy and say, "Whatever... no trees today."

I did not talk the hubs into buying a REAL tree this year. This is our third Christmas being married and I FINALLY talked him into a real tree.

I did not get ticked when he came home with a tree that looked as if it were on Charlie Brown. He was all, "It's eight feet." I was all like WHATEVER.

I did not laugh a little when the hubs was outside cutting limbs with scissors. Yes, scissors.

I did not get extremely excited when he put the tree in the house and it was absolutely beautiful... and tall. I guess it's eight feet. I didn't measure.

I did not put Caroline's white Christmas tree together tonight in the middle of the den floor, eating brownies, while watching Desperate Housewives... alone... after everyone was asleep. It was such a wonderful, quiet hour.
Thanks Mckmama for starting this wonderful therapy I enjoy every Monday. I was so excited when Wendi joined in last week. Welcome to this chaotic fun Wendi! It is oh so fabulous and oh so fun. I would love for you to join in on the fun too!

Here are the rules.

Have fun!