Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Yeah so...

I battle with coming back to the blogging world.

Some claim that the "mommy blogging" era is dead.  That sucks, huh?

I read new blogs.  They are all so entertaining and make me want to blog again.

I can tell you this... this is NOT going to be the ever so delightful fashion blog.

I am not going to post my "outfit of the day".  Let's be honest, do you care what I am wearing?  Do you care where I bought it?  I don't think so.

My outfit blog post right now would look like this:
PJ pants- Old Navy {you can find similar ones here}
T-shirt- vintage (also has a large hole in the armpit.  You can't buy this one, folks.)

The end.  Not fun.

I still love eating.  Food makes me happy so I am sure I will post about food.

I will also tell stories about my children who are now semi-grown.  Big is 10.  Bug is 8.  I will use their nicknames because they learned how to google themselves.  That was an interesting conversation.

I don't think mommy blogging is dead.  I just don't think people are reading the right mommy blogs.

So here we go, bitches.  Let's get this mommy blog started again.