Friday, August 19, 2011


I cannot shower or use the bathroom alone.

Just call me a glutton for punishment.

I should just go to the bathroom and lock the door so they can't get it.

However, they will stand outside of the door and scream so I find having them in the bathroom with me less stressful.

Yesterday, after showering (with both of the girls standing under the shower curtain... only putting the clear shower curtain liner between us) I stepped out of the shower.

As I was drying off and secretly praying for them to exit the bathroom, Caroline says OH MY GOSH MOM!

"Um, what?"

"You need to get a new balloon in your boob!"

Silence as she reaches for my boob and pushes it up and lets it fall again.

"See, Mom? They are so saggy."

Great! Now even my kids want me to get a boob job.

I'm down.

Who's paying?

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