Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bug and Paula BFF

Right after school let out for summer, Emma started talking about her friend Paula.

"Paula is coming to my house for a play date."

"Paula has a new baby."

"Paula is my friend."

"Mom, can Paula come play today?"

Who is Paula?

Where is she from?

I have never heard of this friend, Paula.

I did want most normal parents do... I sent her teacher, Mrs. Angie, a message on Facebook.

Mrs. Angie didn't know a Paula but knew a Sarah. Sarah was the new girl in the class and her mom just had a baby.

"Bug, who is Paula?"

"My friend."

"Does Paula go to your school?"


"Do you mean Sarah, Bug? Is her name Sarah?"

"No! Her name's Paula!!"


"She has a pink bathing suit!"

I didn't think much of this Paula character until one day I overheard Bug yelling at Caroline to MOVE OVER because Paula was sitting there.

Again, like any normal parent I began thinking crazy crap like my child could possibly be friends with a ghost that lives in our house.

OMG! My Bug has a sixth sense!

OMG! She sees dead people!!!

After googling children with a sixth sense, I calmed myself down after discovering that the research was silly and I was just being a nutjob.

I decided it was time to question Bug again.

"So Bug, is Paula here today?"


"What does Paula look like?"

"I know. You told me. That is so cool! What else does she look like?"

"She has brown hair."

"Like me! Neat!"

"She has brown skin too!"


"She has a new baby."

"I know! You told me! Do you know the baby's name?"


"Like our puppy? That is cool!"

"Yep. Like my puppy. Paula has a pink bathing suit!"

I decided that would be the end of the conversation.

Some days I still hear her talking to Paula.

Some days Bug will let us know that Paula is coming over to play.

Some days we don't hear from Paula at all.

And some days I still find myself googling children with a sixth sense.

I'm thinking about having the house blessed... just in case.

(I think I watch too much TV.)


Kari said...

I had 2 imaginary friends growing up. My family STILL likes to tell stories of me and my "friends". All.the.time.

Marcia Bolyard Miller said...

Our son had an imaginary friend named "M&M." He would tell us stuff like M&M ate this or that...or that he was playing with him today or whatever. I also worried about our son, but in those days (haha) I did not have the luxury of Google. Anyway, our son graduated from high school as Valedictorian, and from NC State w/ honors in bio, relax, I believe you have a very smart little girl there! She obviously has a great imagination! Smile and be proud of her friend, Paula. =)