Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday was the big day!

Big is now a Kindergartener.

I can hardly believe it!

I decided to do the picture above each year (until she says no) to document how she grows and changes. I got the idea from Pinterest of course ;-)

We set her Hello Kitty alarm clock last night for 7am.

She didn't understand the whole concept. She kept saying "what if it doesn't wake me up?"

"It will wake you up!" I promised.

She mumbled it was toooooo early!!

And to be honest she had a minor meltdown at the kitchen table during breakfast.

Crying and screaming "I don't want to go to Kindergarten. It isn't going to be fun. I don't want to go."

She hopped in the bath tub then we got dressed.

I put curlers in her hair.

She started feeling better.

It was the dress, the shoes and the curled hair that made her get excited.

After getting ready, it was time to go. I expected another meltdown but she did great. This time, it was the backpack and lunch box that made her excited.

She was ready AND excited!

We picked her up at 2:50pm and she said she had a great day.

We asked questions about what she did and who she talked to but all she would say was "I don't know".

Tuesday is her next day of school (due to staggered enrollment for Kindergarten).

We will see how Tuesday goes.

Fingers crossed.

I had a good day too.

No tears!

Yayyy me!

Emma and I did a little shopping and grabbed lunch at Sonic.

We missed Big.

It made for a long day but we will get used to it.

I will tell you though, there was one happy Bug when her sister came home.

5 years has gone so quickly and I can't believe you are a Kindergartener. I am so proud of you and I love you more than anything! ~Love, Mom

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