Monday, May 23, 2011

More pictures...

I just wanted to play a little picture catch up.


Meet sweet two year old Michaela.

This is the family we bought Zoey from.

She is too sweet. And look at all that hair!

Meet Brennan.

Talk about a cutie!

I've taken pictures of Brennan a few times. First when he started sitting up. Again when he started crawling. Now, it was time for pictures of him RUNNING! He doesn't walk. He runs everywhere he goes!

Meet Brevyn.

Brevyn's parents wanted some one year shots of her. Of course, her mom came loaded with the cutest stuff including a fabric cupcake that was to die for!

Meet Justin.
I think you may have met him before.

He is always so fun to work with.
He says the funniest things and loves his mama so much.
He is so sweet but is definitely ALL boy.

Meet Miss. Mollie.
Newborn shoots stress me out to no end.
However, the outcome is always great so I don't know why I stress.
I'm only going to post one picture because her parents are going to use one for the birth announcement and I don't which one they have chosen yet. I don't want everyone to see the picture before the announcement.

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Megan said...

Great pictures Hailey. Is it weird that I know all of these children and am related to two of them (Brevyn and Justin)? Doesn't Brev look just like Heith in the second one?