Friday, May 20, 2011


I haven't blogged.

I don't know how to get back into the swing of it.

I hate that it has come to this.

I've lost followers (only a few) and I hate that even more.


I am a random blogger. Gross.


On to more important things...

In the month since I've been missing, we have been busy.

I feel like I stay that way these days.

I can't seem to catch up.

There are some days that I realize that I haven't tee-teed all day.

Caroline has graduation next week and Emma has an end of the year program.

I have a day in between those two events that I get to spend at Chuck E. Cheese.

Can you sense the excitement in my writing? Doubtful.

We gained a new family member.

Meet Zoey Pearl Lafone...

Black lab. Lover of dirt, Duck and knot rope. Loves to chew.

Finder of random roots and sticks.

She is also a shitter.

We tried to make her a house dog. She was so sweet, soft, fat, and cuddly.

After pooping on my rug THREE times in two days, I declared her an outside dog.

She loves being outside.

I love not cleaning poo all of the time.

Here she is on her first beach trip...

On schedule for tomorrow... Caroline Happenings


Megan said...

So glad you've been blogging again! Zoey is just precious. There's nothing better than a lab on the beach.

Jamie said...

I had no idea you started back blogging! I just read them all but can't comment with one finger. I'm feeding Smith of course. Thanks for the entertainment! School must be so scary!! And rhonj is CRAZY! Do people act like that?! I hope Emma can relax soon :( but maybe she is just going to be very strong willed and that's an excellent quality :) by the way the puppy is too cute. She fits right in! I love all the photography. It must be nice to do something "else". I need to find that soon. All this crying is making me go crazy. Soon they will be doing a show about me called moms went crazy haha :)