Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Family picture...

This is our semi-normal family photo.

We are all looking at the camera and all have somewhat of a smile on our faces.

Ryan looks as if he is about to blink but didn't. All in all it is a pretty good picture.

I was so excited about it that I came home and immediately put it as my profile picture of FB.

I didn't think much about the picture again until this afternoon.

As I was looking at the picture, I noticed that Ryan looked like he had on jorts.

For those of you that have been living on another planet, jorts are defined as:

"a combination of the words "jean" and "shorts" used to describe the hideous attire, usually sported by NASCAR aficionados and men over 40. Sometimes Jorts are accessorized with a lovely cellphone belt clip and a braided leather belt, but not always. Sometimes the Jorts wearer lets the Jorts speak for themselves." Courtesy of Urban Dictionary

OMG! People are going to think Ryan wears jorts.

I had to take action.

I had quite a few comments and likes on the picture. Hell, every one of my friends had seen the picture.

Therefore, I posted, "Thanks yall! Ryan looks as if he has on jorts. However, that is not the case. They are faded navy shorts. Just a FYI."

OMG! Now, I have posted that he is wearing faded navy shorts. What am I doing?

I don't know how I should have worded it but they are not old faded navy shorts like I made them sound.

They are stupid American Eagle shorts that he literally bought last week.

They do look old though, don't they?


At least I have a decent family picture.


Krystyn said...

I think it's a great shot!

And, the shorts explanation has be cracking up!

Kari said...

You are so funny, Hailey.
I love the picture! And, they really do look like jean shorts, but I wouldn't have said anything about it, to your face...haha...Just kidding!!!