Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Caroline went to her 4 year well baby visit last week.

Word to the wise... take backup to this appointment.

My BFF went with me and thank God.

It was awful!

Eye exam= battle

Hearing screen= battle

Finger prick followed by uncontrollable screams= WWIII

Tee tee in cup= did not happen. 4 year olds NEVER have to tee tee when they are suppose to. They only have to use the bathroom during meals and when you are in the bathroom.

We got to the room and waited for a little while.

Dr. came in and we discussed the normal things.

Then speech came up.


Caroline is extremely smart. She is well behaved (for the most part) and has a little anger management issue (hello, I have to admit... she gets that one honest). However, her speech makes me nervous.

We don't make a big deal out of it because we don't want her to become upset or self-conscience about it.

Recently she was playing with a friend. Caroline had the hardest time saying the friend's name... Spencer. The "sp" got her.

She tried, and tried, and tried. The poor baby could not say the name to save her life.

She has started covering her mouth when she can't get words out. She will also become very upset when she can't get a word out.

"I can't say it. I just want it to go away." Talk about break a mama's heart. Mine rips into a million pieces. I knew then that she needed help.

It is hard to admit to anyone that your child may have an issue of any kind. It is extremely hard to ask for help.

I did though. I just feel like Caroline is four and I would rather address the issue now instead of waiting until she is older. It will only become harder to address and fix as she gets older.

We are waiting for a therapist to call us for an evaluation.

I know I will feel much better once the evaluation is done. I feel like I will have answers. Right now, it is just kind of scary. The not knowing what is going on. The not knowing what is going to happen to make it better.

Caroline may not be able to say "Spencer" all of the time but she can say "shit". Score!

Hey, at least we know she can say the "sh" sound. ;-)

Have any of you been through this with your little ones?? I would love a little support through it all. Meredith Reese (you better be reading this) you better be my support too. ;-)

PS- The appointment ended with flu mist and 5... yes, FIVE... shots. Yes, I laughed as I held her down and she screamed. Maybe while Caroline is seeing a speech therapist, I need to go see a therapist to understand why I laugh.


Meredith said...

I will be your support call me anytime! I am actually going home next Thursday and will be there for 3 weeks, so we will get together and I will get her to maybe talk to me a little. Just like I said before I am glad you are getting her evaluated and do everything the therapist tells you to do. It should be very fixable since it is so early! Good Luck!

Jamie said...

I hate that Caroline already gets embarrassed. I know that makes you sad. So many things are hard as a mom. I feel bad every night while I watch Hayden squirm and she can't stay asleep :( not to mention she isn't walking and she is 16 months old, but every child is different and one day we will look back at this day and think how silly we were to worry so much! At least the therapist will be able to help her and teach you how to help her. Hayden's appointment is for Monday and I am hoping to get a lot of answers regarding her "not sleeping", her walking I could care less about (as long as she is walking before her brother arrives hahaha)! Let me know how the therapy session goes!

Jamie said...

And 5 shots OMG!!I would die! I am sure I will be in tears on Monday! I can't stand it especially when I'm pregnant! Maybe I should take Caroline to her shots and I would be crying so hard she would be laughing at me!

Kari said...

I will be praying that you get the answers you need!

Dana said...

Hailey, you are one of the best mom's I know! You did the right thing by bringing this issue to Caroline's doctor's attention. Every child and adult has his or her own strenghts and weaknesses, never be affraid to ask for help for your children...they depend on you to look out for them. I can relate, Lexi has severe OCD tendencies which I have often thought about mentioning a time or two. She has stack things certain ways bring out all her underwear to only stack them again the same way and put them back in the same spot just to add two newly washed pair to the drawer. Same goes for clothes. That is just one OCD tendency she has...there are many more. You are not alone. Caroline is an amazing girl and you should be very proud!

Krystyn said...

Wait..eye exam and hearing? Wait? Crap.

You are a good momma, and I'm sure it's something that can be worked out..if it even needs to be worked out. ((HUGS))