Saturday, October 2, 2010

The exact moment I realized she was mine.

Have I mentioned Caroline was playing soccer?

Yes. Was.

Many weeks of being excited. Many minutes picking the perfect cleats. Many miles looking for stupid shin socks (btw never found them). It all came down to 60 minutes on the field.

60 minutes and she was over it.

It is official, she HATES soccer. One practice and the kid hates soccer.

I was having mixed emotions about being a soccer mom anyway. The whole soccer mom/minivan/mom jeans stigma was making me nervous. I had a vision of myself in a minivan with a magnetic soccer ball on the back. In my vision, I was wearing mom jeans and had bangs. Scary.

Maybe Caroline sensed my apprehension. I know Carrie did when she read my facebook status about the situation. She was all... "Hailey, you are going to love it. Caroline is going to love it. It is so much fun." Nope. Wrong.

All I know is, Caroline would not let Ryan leave her side.

Everyone kept saying... "Oh, who is the assistant coach out there"... "I wonder who the assistant coach out there is?"

NEWS FLASH... definitely NOT the assistant coach. That's just my husband, people. My kid is the one screaming every time the other children come near her. She will not let him leave her side. Thanks for the concern.

Later she told us she was scared that the other boys were going to push her down. Ryan admitted that they were pretty big kids. (Most of the boys were 6. Caroline just turned 4) He also admitted that one of the little boys could more than likely beat him at a game of soccer. Therefore, we didn't make her go back.

"What do you want to do? Dance? Cheerleading?" I asked.

"Umm... just pottery. I just want to do pottery."

It was just verification that she actually is my child. I'm not a very athletic person. I cheered for 6 years and loved it. However, I never played soccer, softball, etc.

It was also relieving to know that I am still a normal, jeep driving, minivan hating, low rise jean wearing mama.

As for those magnetic soccer balls... they can kiss my ass. My kid wants to paint pottery.

PS- Carrie, I have a magnetic soccer ball for you. I also sense a minivan in your future. Let me just say though, you are the prettiest/coolest soccer mom I know.


Anonymous said...

HAHA! I just LOL! You are so funny! Thanks for ... errr... the compliments?! Thanks also for the cool magnetic soccer ball for my swagger wagon (one day.) Hope you got Tanner's name put on it. Its ok if C doesn't like soccer. She was probably visualizing all these Tanner's throwing her across the field and jumping on top of her like she's a bouncy house. Oh, wait-- that actually happened at our playdate. Poor Caroline. My child has mentally abused her and she'll never get over it. At least she knows she's safe with painting pottery-- Tanner won't step foot anywhere near crafts!

Jamie said...

HAHAHA! Hailey, you crack me up!

The Asby Family said...

Haha I love the shout out for Carrie...She definitely will still look hot in her Swagger Wagon :)

Kari said...

Definitely your kid!