Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bug is TWO!


A week ago at this exact time (12:52 am), you turned 2 years old.

I was slack this year. No big birthday party. No homemade cupcakes. No invitations. No blog post.

Your birthday snuck up on me. With preschool, pictures at a wedding, other parties, etc. I had no time.

I'm sorry.

Sunday I had a break down. I just wanted to go home from a birthday party and make cupcakes for you. I felt like it would somehow make the fact that your birthday sucked, a little better. I had no time though. Your Daddy had plans to do a million other things with you. I didn't make the cupcakes.

I felt like a failure as a mother... as I do most days. (When you become a mother, you will find that this is normal.) Your birthday was just extra sucky for me.

For you though, it was awesome. You had oreos for breakfast followed by a HUGE breakfast at Nana's. Then we went to a birthday party for one of your friends. You ate hotdogs, cake, and got a HUGE lollipop that you held like a baby. You loved it that good. We had your favorite, pizza, for dinner. You got a bracelet like the big girls. It has been a week and you haven't taken that bracelet off yet. You ate so much candy, I thought you were in a sugar coma at one point during the night.

You are two Bug!

I can't believe it.

In this life promise to dance, make mistakes, be independent and love with all your heart.

You will always be my Bug.


PS- Next year, we are going to have a HUGE party. I promise.
PPS- I made you those super yummy cupcakes. They were a day late but delicious all the same. We even put a candle in one and sang Happy Birthday to you.


Shayna said...

Your two year old Bug is adorable!!! And the words you typed here I believe will be treasured for many years. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Bug!!!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Pretty GIRL!!!

Krystyn said...

Stop it. TWO?

Wait, that means mine is two next week!

Happy birthday, sweet bug!

Kari said...

Beautiful post, even if you didn't do a party! Don't feel bad, Charlotte didn't get a 2 yr. "party" either! Audrey MIGHT. LOL