Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Randoms

1. The little mini coffee flavored Haagen-Dazs with the spoon inside... is my favorite. It makes me happy.

2. The ABC Kids Expo just finished up in Las Vegas. It is my dream to attend one of these days. Just look at a few of the newest baby items:
- A diaper that fits in the palm of your hand. Great for traveling I would assume.

- The new Britax Parkway SGL. Watch the video to see the cool new features. I love it! Caroline is going to have to have one.

3. We had an awesome party Saturday night for my uncle and his soon to be wife, Caitie. It was a great time.

4. Bunco was last Thursday. Fun times. I won nothing... of course. I really suck at that game. The wine is good though. Ha!

5. Caroline said "bitch hole" today. I'm wondering if she meant bitch whore. Gosh, I hope not. I would NEVER say such a thing.

6. We need family pictures. I am going to have to break down and just take them. I keep putting it off. I like being behind the camera... not in front of it. I always look like an idiot.

7. We have no plans this weekend. Well, I take that back. I have photo shoots but they don't count. Maybe we will have a date night. That would be so nice.

8. I am going to visit my sister tomorrow. I can't wait.

9. Emma has had two fabulous days at school this week. We are so proud of her.

10. I'm almost done with photo edits! Yay! One more family to go and I am done... until Saturday.

11. Have you made your Christmas list? Only 71 more days. I need ideas for Santa, people. HELP! I don't know what to tell him to bring!

12. My husband has been all nice lately. Weird. Therefore, I have been starting random fights for no reason just to keep things normal around here. I like to keep it real like that.

13. BIG STORY coming soon. It involves a bug. SOOOO not funny either. I almost died.

14. I can't sleep anymore. Is that normal?

15. I am looking for an amazing silver shoe. Do you know where I can find one?

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.


Kari said...

Charlotte wants a LOT of stuff this year...a pillow pet, those princess dolls with extra dresses, Anything Fancy Nancy, and just about every Barbie she sees. Is she a girl or what!?
Awesome that Emma is liking school now!!!!
#12 made me laugh out loud.

Midwest Mommy said...

Now announcing the Christmas countdown is just not nice, lol. I feel the need to shop now.

Dana said...

Yay Emma! Dunno what to tell you about Christmas...Lexi wants anything purple that has glitter! You are doing a great job with your photography! I am loving all of your pics!

Candace said...

I love your randoms!!