Friday, April 16, 2010

Pigs, Cows and Wheat

I grew up "in town".

I've never considered myself a "country girl". I am from the city. Not that the "city" is big.

I use to walk to the post office and piano lessons that took place on main street. You can hold your breath the entire walk down main street. That's how small it is.

I can hear the train each night and cars and trucks every morning.

For a long time we only had one stoplight in town. When we got stoplight number two on the highway, we thought it was something to celebrate.

But the country... oh the country.

I was there for a short time with my parents before getting married and having baby.

The quiet.

The peace.

The smell of dirt.

Knowing that the smell of hog shit poop just smells like money to most people.

I love it.

All of it.

I love knowing what crop is going to be planted where by the way the farmer plows the dirt. Corn versus tobacco mostly.

I love knowing that when the wheat comes down, the soy beans go up.

I love the clean air and the smell of tobacco.

When will I get back?

I'm only a 3 minute and 37 second drive from the boonies but I long to be there forever.

Forever and ever AMEN!


Kari said...

Gorgeous pictures, Hailey!

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