Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday Randoms

1. I have been lacking in the blog department lately. There is no good reason why. I will be better this week... promise. I already have a few posts scheduled.

2. Emma's personality is really beginning to blossom. Ummm, yeah. In other words, homegirl has an attitude.

3. You know that Caroline changed her name to Lilly. Well, last week she was Eliza. {I LOVELOVELOVE that name by the way. Part of me wishes we had named Bug Eliza.} Now, she is Cinderella or Cindy for short.

4. Ryan and I didn't have a date night last weekend. Let's just say the tension was mounting and we needed to get away. It happened Friday night. We had dinner at Sumo and it was delicious. And because I always like to share what we eat... Ryan had a Dynamite Roll (Tuna, Yellowtail, Green onion w/ spicy chili sauce) and a simple California roll. I had a salad with ginger dressing (I can't get enough ginger salad dressing) and a Volcano Roll (just a warm California Roll with a torched variety sauce w/ Crab & Tobiko on top). For dessert, Ryan had beer and I had a Mr. Goodbar. My husband knows me all too well.

5. We watched The Lovely Bones. I don't know what to say about it. It makes you think way too much. It is not a movie that I will ever want to watch again.

6. I started watching Army Wives (via Netflix). I've watched the first four episodes of Season One and I am addicted. I stayed up until 2am last night watching. I just couldn't stop.

7. Had a pedicure with my sister. It is always so fun to spend time with her. We were sitting in our big, white, massage chairs chatting. Our feet were soaking in the water below and all was right with the world. UNTIL... one of the men that was doing nails walked over and threw a towel on Anna's lap. Anna had on a dress and I am guessing that the man and everyone else could see Anna's who-ha. That's always good. All we could do was laugh.

8. I have FINALLY learned how to make sweet tea... that is actually drinkable.

9. Have you seen the new Dyson Air Multiplier? OMG! It is a fan with no blades and I need it. PS- Dyson people... if you want to pay me or send me free Dyson stuff for being your spokeswoman... that would be just fabulous!

10. I need to clean my diamond. What do y'all use? I don't feel like dropping it off to get cleaned. I get nervous that they will lose it. Ha! I know that Jessica Simpson use to clean hers with Windex. I also heard that the Ultra Sonic cleaner was good. Tell me what y'all do.

11. My Kelly's Kids items arrived. That is all I have to say about that. Bitches.

12. Did I mention that Bug has an attitude. Very dramatic... that one is. Wonder who is gets that from? Yep. Her Daddy. ;-)

13. Caroline watched Wizard of Oz for the first time this past week. She loves it. Oddly enough the black and white part [in the beginning] is her favorite.

14. Maybe I will do a Mommy and Me Monday picture sometime this week. I haven't done one in a while. Did you do one this week?


Krystyn said...

What? Blossoming? No way. (Ha! Us, too. We've already started time out).

A pedicure. What is that? I've forgotten.

I don't clean my diamond. How's that? I used to have one of those little containers with solution that you drop it into with a little brush. It worked well.

So, your Kelly's Kids arrived. As in, the one for Easter? Fab!

Well, at least you have M&M Monday on the brain for next week!

Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

Glad your KK stuff FINALLY arrived. Haven't seen the Dyson thing you were talking about but when I get more time, I'll look it up. I haven't blogged lately either. The older Stokes gets, the less time I have. I promise to be better too. Lets get the kids together! Miss chatting with ya!

Jamie said...

Army wives is awesome! I watch it too!

I think Hayden has Bug beat on the attitude department! When they get about YIKES for us!

My husband just saw the Dyson Air multiplier yesterday and called to tell me about it. It must be cool!

I swear I bet we would order the same thing if we went to a million different restaurants!

I use the spray jewelry cleaner, let it soak and then scrub it with a little brush. But if you just walk buy any jewelry store they will always clean it for free. That's what I always do! hahaha

I believe these summer months will lead to a little less blogging because everyone is so busy, so don't feel bad!

The Hart Family said...

I, too, need one of those fans! So Cool!

And I, like Jamie, pretend to look at Jewlery in stores at the mall and look down at my diamond and say "Man, I need to get this cleaned!" haha. But I did get some stuff in a red container at walmart that you drop it in and use a little brush. Works great. My aunt says you can use toothpaste but I don't trust her...

Melissa B Eakes said...

Hey, I use toothpaste to clean my diamond. It works and makes it sparkle like the day I got it :-)

Kari said...

We got ours at Kay's and they clean for free!

I get the whole attitude thing...Audrey is already getting hers!

I cannot wait to get a pedi and a mani again. UGH!