Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday {On Thursday... with words}

"I need to wear my cows shoes today," Caroline exclaimed on the way out of the door to preschool.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because, I ridin' a cow today."

"No, you are riding a HORSE today," I said through my giggles.

Therapy Topic #1956: first horse riding experience.

She seemed a little worried...

Blogging world, meet Socks. Carrington is the little girl you will see leading the horse in the pictures. She is Socks' owner and rider.

We got her on. SCORE!

She kind of likes it but will not let go of my hand. I'm talking she had a death grip on me. {we are both doing something funky with our mouth. weird.}

She likes it. She really likes it. {but still has the death grip}

Emma loved the whole thing. She loved the stable cats, the horses, the everything!

Then I let go of Caroline's hand so Ryan could get a picture... she was not happy.

She says she is going back. We will see. I would love for her to ride horses... not cows.


Krystyn said...

What a cool school experience.

Anonymous said...

Was this in Snow Hill at Suzy's? I actually taight Carrington dance my senior year of high school and she was just 4 years old. I feel really old!

Anonymous said...

taught* can't spell

Jamie said...

All I can think of is Caroline thinking the whole day she was going to ride on a cow hahha she is so funny!