Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I don't.

I am announcing my giveaway winner tonight! Be on the look out.

Jenna at Jenna's Journey has started a fun little carnival called "I DON'T WEDNESDAY". The object of the game? Tell what you don't do.

Here it goes...

I don't like any type of meat on a bone. I don't eat chicken anymore either. {The chicken thing just started.}

I don't spill salt without throwing a pinch of it over my shoulder.

I don't like to be the last person out of the house. I will make Ryan come back inside if I'm the last one out. It's my OCD. I can't handle it. There is a lot of pressure in being the last one out. Meaning, the one that locks and shuts the door. My OCD will eat at me and worry me sick. I get my panties all in a bunch worried that I didn't lock the door or shut it all the way. To avoid such anxiety, Ryan just shuts the door. (Maybe I should post about my OCD. It might deserve a whole post by itself. Are you interested?)

I don't wear shoes in the summer. If you see me, I am always barefoot.

I love wine but I don't "know" wine. The cheap bottle of Duplin County Black River Red or Schmitt Riesling are my favorites.

I don't wash my car. It probably hasn't been washed since July of last year.

I don't eat onions but I love their flavor. So, I will cook with them and then pick them out of the dish that I cooked. Ha!

I don't eat Chinese food anymore (after Em was born) but I will eat Japanese.

I don't drink Jungle Juice anymore. I put down about a thousands cartons of that stuff when I was pregnant with Caroline. Yuck.

I don't print very many pictures after I take them. Sad, I know.

I don't eat crab meat from a crableg but I love deviled crab.

I don't ever pass up bread. EVER.

What don't you do?


Krystyn said...

I also don't like meat on the bone..makes me feel yucky.

And, I like wine, but don't know it, either.

I also don't like to blow dry my hair (like how it looks, just don't like doing it).

I don't wear any make up most days, either.

Midwest Mommy said...

If it wasn't for the husband my truck would never get washed. I got stuck in a car wash once and yelled at by an old man, lol. I vowed never again to go.

Amy said...

i dont go to bed without watching way too much tv and eating a bunch of fattening foods

Jamie said...

I don't wash my car either nor do I take it to get it washed! I probably hasn't been washed in like a year - gross I know but somehow it looks pretty clean inside and out?!?!