Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer To-Do List

Let's be honest... summertime brings out the bad in me.

Most nights my kids are up until way past their bed time.

Most mornings I am up way too early, silently willing them to sleep long enough for me to get a cup of coffee in my body.

I pray that I can expand my knowledge of current events with a little George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts before the beasts awaken.

I keep us on the go because, honestly, I can't handle sitting in a house with two fighting children all day.  I also came to the realization a few years ago that the more we do, the more stimulated their brains are, the earlier they go to bed.  Well... sometimes.

Each year we make a summer to-do list.  This is what we decided on this year...

Here's to a jam-packed summer.  Cheers!

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