Thursday, June 26, 2014

My off day.

Luckily, date nights are not rare at our house.

We are so thankful that date nights happen more weekends than not.  We pretty much crave that alone time together.

We have no rules for date night.  We simply are just together to laugh, talk, watch movies, or sometimes sit quietly with no words at all.

Date nights are special.

What is even more special are those random days that I get a few hours to myself.

Those days are more rare.

Tuesday I had my routine dermatology appointment.  My mom was off work and kept the girls for me.  She told me not to rush and even had me run an errand for her at Target.

After my appointment, I made a quick stop at Starbucks.  I ran in and grabbed a Turkey & Havarti Sandwich.  It was a delicious sandwich with carved oven-roasted turkey with scallion mayo, dill Havarti cheese and lettuce on a harvest wheat bread.  Yes, it was amazing.  Yes, I could have eaten two.  Note to self: find dill Havarti cheese.

I shoved it into my bag with my drink and headed to Target.  I ate and shopped.  I walked around Target for almost an hour.  I was looking for nothing and everything.  It was wonderful.

I finally found Birthday Cake M&M's.  They are delicious.  They are little bits of chocolate deliciousness with a taste of birthday cake.  I did put this big bag back and got the small bag.

I also got a bottle of bubbly wine.  It's the new summer red.  Yum!

Today made me wonder about other moms out there.  How do you spend your rare alone time?  Do you relish in something simple like eating lunch alone during a trip to Target or do you do something special?


Neila said...

I'm confused?? What's alone time??
Once last week when Cal got home from work I ran out of the house spent an hour at trader joes.

vickileigh said...

Massage! Shoot, even just going to the grocery store alone. Glad you are back to writing!

Megan said...

Confession: there's a Target on my way to work and at least once a week I stop after dropping Ava off at daycare and just wander around (luckily, my work is flexible as far as what time I have to be there). It's so quiet there that early in the morning and the early morning cashier knows me by heart!