Monday, April 11, 2011


I could have sworn that it was full moon.

I just googled, it's not full moon.

Gosh! I was totally hoping it was. My children are acting like nutjobs and I always love to use the full moon as an excuse for that. Otherwise, I blame myself for being a bad parent when they act so crazy.

Right now, I am running on very little sleep.

Aunt Flow came to visit this week causing extreme mood swings and headaches like no other.

My ear hurts.

Caroline does not listen to a word that I say.

Emma eats constantly.

If they slam another door, I might combust.

My house is a disaster. By disaster, I mean that there is half a bag of Cheetos spilled in the middle of my kitchen floor, half a box of nerds also in the kitchen floor and the other half is in Caroline's carpet.

I've cried twice today and it is not even 3pm.

Ryan you ask?

Oh, he's napping.


Loukia said...

Yup... I've had days like this... many, many days like this!

Jamie said...

Must have been something in the air!!! My day sucked! Hoping for a better Tuesday :)