Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No need in rubbing your eyes... it's really me.

February 9th. That was the last time I blogged.

Do you know how many posts I have started and never finished?

I have been extremely negligent to my BS.

Our lives haven't changed much in the past few months.

- We are in our house and loving it. I mean who wouldn't when you were moving from a 2 bedroom apartment complete with a 1960's yellow kitchen and wood paneling throughout. Pimp! I promise to post pictures soon. I just feel like nothing is complete enough yet to post the before and after pictures. I am actually getting pictures on the wall which makes things seem so much more homey. So give me a little more time.

- The girls are still the same. Bug is as clumsy as ever and Big is wild as ever. Most days, I don't know how I survive... seriously. I count down the minutes until bedtime and drink wine.

- Emma is doing great in school. However, she does not talk. Yep. You heard me. The girl goes to school and will not say a word. It's her way of saying to me, "Look, I know you are going to make me stay here but I will be damned if you can make me talk while I'm here." Her teachers asked if she talked at home. I sure there was a little concern with her being 2 and 1/2 and they have never heard a word come out of her mouth. I laughed. Yep! She talks.... and talks... and talks at home.

- Caroline is going through a clingy stage. I walk her to her classroom every morning and every morning it is the same song. I have to peel her off of me. I am pretty sure her teachers have seen my boobs more than they would have ever liked to. Her teacher pulls her off of my while she rips the clothes from my body. Why this is happening? I don't know. I feel like if I ignore it, it will stop. Who knows. No biggie now since her teachers have seen me almost naked. It can't it any worse than it already is.

- During my time of being incognito, I have read a few books and expanded my vocabulary. I feel so good when I read. Some people exercise to feel good, I read. It doesn't elevate my heart rate and it doesn't make me lose my breath. It's much easier. Ryan Someone said recently that they had never read an entire book, cover to cover. How they made it past the third grade is beyond me. Then I had another person ask what was so great about reading. Ummm, well... you can get lost in a book of Chelsea Handler's one night stands and stories of her smoking the reefer with her dad. Fun times people... fun times. That is what is so great about reading. Now, Chelsea is my new BFF.
I have ordered The Hunger Games, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Pioneer Woman's: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, and of course Chelsea Handler's newest book Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me. What is on your reading list? These were going to be my summer reads but I have a feeling they will be read before summer.

- I have done some photo shoots in the past few months. It was nice to finally pick up a camera again. I think I went a little over a month without holding a camera. Thank goodness, it is like riding a bike... you never forget how to do it. I will share those pictures in another post.

- I hope I haven't lost a lot of readers. Everyone asks for me to blog again. I hope I haven't lost my sense of humor either. These last few months, I just haven't felt funny.

- I'm making no blogging promises. Here is a post. You are welcome.


Diana said...

Thanks H!

Jamie said...

Please! I need good stuff to read during the wee hours of the night when I am up with my children :)