Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jehovah's Witnesses

My husband has given up holidays this year.


I only write about it so that I can remember exactly when he decided it was time to give up holidays.

After my surprises at Christmas, he has not acknowledged any type of holiday.

February 14th passed without a "Happy Valentine's Day" much less gifts.

March 26th (my birthday) passed without a "Happy Birthday" much less gifts.

My 5 year anniversary is a week away (April 21st).

If he doesn't acknowledge this, that is it. I will began telling everyone he is a Jehovah Witness.

"Hey! Meet my husband. He's a Jehovah Witness. No need in worrying with his name."


1 comment:

Jamie said...

SHIT! I forgot to tell you happy birthday! Oops! I want forget again! Promise!